Intel P4510 NVME best SSD -- Cache problem like consumer NVME?

Good day Chia lovers,

I am considering a Intel P4510 4TB (or 2x2TB) NVME ssd’s for plotting.

Can anybody tell me if these enterprise SSD’s have the same problem like the issue found on several websites with no cache on nvme and running out of power

My new system (on the way) will be a Ryzen 5900X So 16 plots at the time. (12+24/2=18 plots
To be safe 16 plots.

Memory 16 x 4Gb = 64GB ( with 64GB i will be safe)
Temp 2 x 2TB or 1 4TB Intel P4510 So no prbs there (16x 256 = 4TB)
Becouse i will let 60 minutes between plots i expect no problem

Final drive i have 12 x 12TB .

Can somebody confirm my new system

Go for 2x2TB for sure It will give you more bandwidth and write speed.

In general this kind of drive should do better than consumer ssd because they are meant for sustained use. But I don’t know the specific performance for plotting of these drives, maybe someone here is already using them.

@Voodoo Thanks for your answer. Maybe somebody uses this ssd and could tell me more.