Interrupting madmax queue

When madmax is run with, for example, a “-n 10” option, then it will queue up 10 cycles of creating your plot. In other words, when plot #1 finishes, it starts creating plot #2, and so on, until 10 plots are done.

Is there a way to tell madmax to complete its current plot, but then exit (not continue on with the next plots)?

Even if it involves something like renaming a required file to make madmax bomb, as long as it does not bomb on the current plot (make it bomb when attempting to start up the next plot).

Ctrl-C once (on Ubuntu, don’t know about Windows) will finish current plot and then quit with cleaned up temp directories.
Ctrl-C twice will exit immediatly and you’ll have to clean up -t and -2 manually.

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That’s too simple!


It’s the same for Windows.