Hi Chia enthousiasts.

Im introducing a Multivendor market place for all things chia related.

A place where you can buy/sell chia merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, pens. But also hard rive racks, 3d models or fully 3d printed

Plotting services are welcome too :slight_smile:

The site is ready to go but now it needs vendors. (beta)

Please have a look at the site and maybe add some helpful suggestions or ideas.

I really believe in Chia in the long run. and i hope that this site will help create some hype and visibility for the Chia Network

Go visit our site and start your chia commerce

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That looks great, I have some stuff to sell, I’ll check it out.

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Thanks mate, Looking forward to seeing the products come in

Please fix the Contact Us page… Trust is important, being able to contact in case of a dispute is vital.


Yes ofcourse (working on it now) im also adding the terms and conditions pages
edit* Just added the contact page

good catch ChiaMax

Good idea, let me know when the verification code option is active and we will register

it should be active
you fill in your email then the code should get sent to your email it can take a few seconds for it (check your spam)

its a bit confusing the way its set up,

I had a look, payments in only traditional currencies.

If a true Chia Commerce, being paid in XCH and pay in XCH should by default, before optioanl currencies.

if you can get me a xch payment provider ill add it for sure :slight_smile:
But its deffinitly an option for the future

Listen tight now, I explain how your “Chia commerce” makes no sense:

I have enough Chia (xch) to buy anything currently present on your site, but, how!, xch is no use there.
It’s nearly heard “Chia payment is not accepted here!

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Mate i get it, but for now like i said there is no way to accept it yet as a payment technically (atleast that i know of.

as soon as its possible it will be added to the site