Introducing the New Windows GUI NFT Minter - Mint Your Own NFTs with Ease!

for everyone who does not want or cant use command line, write jsons and write rpcs there is salvation in sights. NFT-Minter, a windows gui tool is in early closed alpha state.

As of right now, can edit Collection information, write metada, suggest common metadata attributes and write rpcs.
Im writing on it with high priority in order to create more free time in my shedule and advance my other projects (chia client api library)
Expect a beta in the upcoming weeks (+/-)

Some sneak peek previews of in development status v 0.0.1 a:
Provide collection information (Banner and Logo are automatically pushed to NFT.Storage and links updated/sha256sum validated)

Metadata of individual nfts can be edited, collection number is generated automatically. Other nft’s metadata of the collection are beeing analysed and can provide for Property suggestions

NFTs with complete metadata information are available for minting. If autogenerated, Metadata files do not have to be supplied manually. Files are automatically uploaded to NFT.Storage and sha256sums validated. If you do not want wallet connection (for minting), option to build rpc files only, and mint the finished rpc files your own (paied only)

software will be free to use (but royaltyfees go to KryptoMine. Alternatively, a license will be 0.1 chia, lifetime, tradable, transferrable between accounts (its an nft))


First NFT has been minted with the tool. Alpha 0.0.1 is almost finished.

The NFT is in the KryptoMine Test Collection

steps done:

  1. start application
  2. add description
  3. press save
  4. press mint
  5. console → chia rpc wallet nft_mint_nft -j ‘god_under_the_shower.rpc’

step 5 will be omitted with alpha version 0.0.1, followed by beta version 0.1.0 which will then be public
my cousin will perform the alpha tests with me.

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Very awesome. Wish i could write code. I. Excited to look at it.


The progress was very nice :slight_smile:

You can find in dept description and images of the new ui on the wiki page:

I think can expect an open alpha/beta by next week.
what has changed since last update?

  • application design finished
  • many bugfixes
  • implemented auto update
  • workflow seems stable
  • better property suggestions
  • added wiki page

what is still open for open beta?

  • implement chia client api
  • implement auto minting
  • implement offer creation

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great start to the new year. I wanted to give an update on the progress of my Chia minter project.

I have recently completed the development of the Wallet-Api package, which allows for normal wallet interactions. It is now available on nuget at the link provided below:

I am now working on implementing NFT minting for the Chia minter. Alpha testing is currently underway with my cousin, who is using it for his NFT collection.

I apologize for the slow progress on the project, but I am committed to continuing to work on it and improve it. Thank you for your patience and support.

Best regards,

Great news! The Chia client library is finally finished and it looks like the tests have been successful. It’s exciting to see an NFT minted on the testnet using this new library. I’m sure the community is looking forward to seeing it integrated into the KryptoMine Chia minter.

I realized, that i haven’t actually showed the current status of the project.
The main/collection page hasnt changed drastically.

On the side, ill make some advertisement on my testers collection “Drinking Guys” which is soon to come out.

  • Wallet Connection:
    The footer now displays the active wallet, selected nft wallet, License and network sync status. this is visible throuout the entire application.
    When the license is “Free”, a button to obtain a license appears. Upon clicking, it opens automatically where a cryptocrest nft can be obtained. The NFT acts as a license at the same time. As lng as its held in the wallet, ChiaMinter is licensed. The license can hence also be sold on dexie again, if need be.
  • There is now an update all descriptions button. We imported the ready metadata of my cousin (application recognized everything automatically) and found a typo, which we could then fix with a button.

The minting page hasnt changed much. For Performance reasons, less nfts are displayed and there is a scrollbar (work in progress)

I tried to keep the settings as sparse as possible. The only thing every user needs to fill out is the NFT Storage Api Key (Can be obtained free on

The Help leads to the Github repository where you can find a documentation and report issues/bugs/get help. new versions will be released there, although there is an auto-update button in the settings. The software will not bother with update prompts, but it is recommended to check every once in a while if there is an update.

I’m excited, its not long anymore.

I am excited to announce that I have made a significant breakthrough in my NFT minting process. Previously, I encountered issues with my mints getting stuck and had to constantly clear transactions and re-mint. However, I have now found a solution and am able to successfully validate that a mint has been completed, even when using a wallet-only node.

I am feeling confident in this new development, and I want to make sure that all the necessary steps are dontbefore releasing my Chia minter alpha version. I am planning to release it next week, which will work in wallet-only mode.
*and of couse also full node

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The Alpha version of the Chia-NFT-Minter software has been released! Keep in mind that this is the first release and there may be issues.

You can download the software from the following link: Releases · KryptomineCH/Chia-NFT-Minter · GitHub

For installation and usage instructions, please refer to the wiki. Additionally, the wiki can also be found in the Help-Tab of the application. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, please open an Issue on Github or post in this thread. A instruction video tutorial may also be released in the coming weeks.

License Terms
The software is free to use. The NFTs minted will belong to you and will be stored in your wallet. You can sell the NFTs, however, a trade commission of 1.9% of the NFT’s value will go to KryptoMine. Holding a KryptoMine NFT in your wallet acts as a license, with trade commissions going to your own wallet address. You can view the license status in the bottom part of the application. (wallet needs to be fully synced)

Purchasing a license
To purchase a license, simply buy an NFT from the CryptoCrests collection and hold it in your wallet: CryptoCrests

Known Issues

  • You need to have a did-profile (settings) and a NFT wallet set up before using the software

Hello everyone,

I am excited to announce that ChiaMinter is now in its beta-2 version and is ready for you to try it out!

In this release, we have added several new features including metadata editing and suggestions, auto upload to, auto mint, and auto-offer creation. This makes the whole NFT creation process much more streamlined and efficient.

Please note that this is a release candidate, and development will slow down in the upcoming days as the tool is pretty much ready for release. I want to wait for usage and feedback before putting more resources into it.

There are some nice quality of life features that I have in mind, but they are not on the priority list for now. I am eager to hear your feedback on the current version, so please let me know how it works for you.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the latest release of ChiaMinter!

Best regards :slight_smile:

Chia-NFT-Minter v1.6.2 Release Notes

I am thrilled to announce the first official release of Chia-NFT-Minter! This release brings a number of exciting new features and improvements, including:

  • Collection information editing, allowing you to customize the header image and collection logo for display on exchanges.
  • Easy file import buttons for media, metadata, RPC’s, Mints, and offers.
  • Advanced metadata editing features, including NFT preview, metadata filtering and search, attribute editing, and suggestions.
  • Automatic upload to
  • One-click minting.
  • Automatic offer file creation.

Please note that this is just the first release, and we are actively working on new features and improvements. If you encounter any bugs or need assistance, please open an issue in the GitHub issues section. We are here to help!

you can download the application here:

minter is complete, webpage has been created.

you can see the installation and api key settings (5 minutes) and then the minting process in the following video: