Invalid plots failed to open

I have filled up 2 internal hard drives and just moved on to my first 8 tb external seagate. Ran Swars and 40 plots I got 6 invalid plots. I have it hooked up to ss usb but what else is differant or is this normal to get invalid plots never got these filling up internal drives. thanks guys

Ok more I had one cpu and 32 ram 2 1tb 980, now I have my second cpu on same machine 64 ram and 4 1 tb 980 samsung ssd’s, I am trying to get to 40 plots per day and this is when I started using the 8tb seagate external drive and started getting all these invalid plots. have no idea if its the way i hooked up my external drive or something with all the hardware.

How is this external drive attached? I get USB but is it an HDD drive in a drive array or is it a purpose built external drive?

seagate game drive hub 8 tb has its own power supply and a ss usb and sata cord on other end. I hooked up to usb the first day and realized i needed to move over to ss port but still getting 3 invalid plots yesterday and 4 so far today

Sorry, was distracted by grocery delivery.

Other than some issue arising from the fact that that drive was built for X-box I don’t see a problem. Is there anything left of xbox on the drive?

Are you using a secondary plotting drive?

If you pulled the HDD from its external case do you have room and plugs to install it in your PC?

nothing on there for xbox, one of the internal drives in my computer was one of these as well that I broke the case open to fit in my computer. never had a problem until I added second cpu and more ram and the other 2 ssd. I have 4 1tb samsung 980 pro and 2 intel ssd 400 gb as secondary temp directory

How many parallel K32s are you plotting?

8 K32s require more secondary space than your two 400GB drives even if they have been joined using raid 0.

Either expand/upgrade your secondary plotting drive or just do without it.

If you can, also mount the external HDD internally if you can or in a standard external array. I have no idea if the electronics in the xbox drive enclosure are at the root of your problem.

playing with numbers currently got this all together from a youtube sloth guy says it can make 40 per day I am only up to 20 per day so far. last run was 12 concurrent plots with 4 in first phase and 3 per samsung ssd drive at a time

12 K32s definitely take up more secondary space than you have provided. Stop using a secondary drive or upgrade it.

90% chance this fixes your problem, expecially as you have been increasing your number in parallel which would be why it just started.

A complete .temp is built on the secondary for every parallel you run. The .temp is then tranfered to its final target and when complete, renamed .plot. So you need enough space on your secondary to hold as many plots as you are running in parallel.

If you do not use a secondary everything is completed on the primary until the .temp has been transferred and the .plot is completed. The secondary drive is not really needed although it may save you some time if configured correctly.

Sweet thanks I will try that, thank you very much