IPO Impact and General Discussion

So, Just want to get a conversation going here regarding IPO, Forecasting, etc. Please keep in mind that i understand this is not a get rich quick scheme, it is not a “for the profits” type of environment. We know and i am not trying to get all pissy re-iterating things that are said LITERALLY all over the forum lol… I just want to get a conversation going. I’m sure this has been asked elsewhere but I couldn’t find any post on it so if you have one where we have this conversation going already I can go there :smiley: Just link me LOL. So, list of topics:

  1. How do you guys think the IPO is going to affect Chia’s network/community?
  2. What is going on with this netspace growth? There is no end in sight!
  3. What do you think the forecasting is like? In regards to both Netpace at end of the year and XCH price overtime
  4. Do you think we can become the “bitcoin” of PoST coins? (I mean, Kind of already there i think)
  5. Do you think we’ll get any massive whale corporations (think like tesla deciding to farm chia LOL) joining in and trying to dedicate like 10EiB of space all at once? lol
  6. Pools - Whats the deal?! General thoughts on it?! Good for us? Bad for us? Joining one? lol
  7. I ran out of questions but i like the number 7 so… How are ya’ll doing today/this week? lol
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When is the IPO? Is there any date set?

They said that it might be “as early as this year”

I dont know how an ipo is going to work out.
I like the fact that they very deliberately chose not to go for a ico.

An ipo company for a crypto somehow seems to contradict the whole concept of decentralization.
Even though they will not own or control the chain itself.

I do undestand their idea of going this official route to push broad acceptance. But it also kinda pulls crypto into the mess of traditional financial systems, what is what many want to get rid, not join

The thing I’m more interested in at this point is to see all the conditional phrases in the whitepaper become solidly locked down contracts.

I mean all the “we intend/do not intend” ones.
The whitepaper now is full of promises about the pre-farm and other things. And it would be good to see that locked down in smart contracts and/or somekind of foundation that requires more than just a board decision to unlock.

As it stands, 5 people or so can vote with simple majority to start using the pre-farm. So thats only 3 votes required.

If they do an IPO they don’t need to use the pre-farm. But the stock’s value is backed by the pre-farm so its price and that of XCH will be very correlated. For us, there is little difference between dumping the stock and dumping the premine. News of an IPO would be extremely bullish for XCH (lots of money coming in), but I think it would crash after the IPO. It depends a lot on the state of the market, how much speculative appetite there is…
I should’ve kept my bitcoin and altcoins 8 years ago, I always sold what I got. I think this time around, with Chia, I’m going to HODL some/most and see what happens.

I mean, i like the idea of an IPO - I think it’ll lead to chia making more headlines, and that is always (as long as its not a scandal) a great thing. I want Chia to go far, im in it for the long haul for better or for worse! I have no understand of the legal aspect of things, or how an IPO would affect us in the long haul but i have no reason to be against it at this time and i think it’d be great. It would definitely cause netspace to skyrocket tho… and its already going to the goddamn moon as is LOL