Is 2tb ssd enough if i have 16tb hdd?

Is 2tb ssd enough if i have 16tb hdd?

i guess you provided very little info to help you properly…

but anyways…
The temp drive capacity depends mostly on your other hardware for plotting not you farming space.
For example, if your CPU or RAM doesn’t allow you to do more than 4 plots in parallel then 1TB SSD is enough.

But maybe if you have enough threads and RAM plot 20 in parallel (as a guess) the 2TB drive is limiting you…


didnt get you…you mean 4 core ?

I meant plots.

Dude, you should start from the begging with chia, it’s not difficult. Now it’s even easier than 2 months ago, now there are tons of blog posts, youtube videos, etc. to learn everything you need to start properly with chia farming.

I recommend you this post to understand by yourself how many plots you can do with you machine: Blog Post - How Many Plots Can I Make a Day?


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Lol, fairly sure they sussed it by now!

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