Is Chia Mining Profitable?

A very important point in the Chia income calculator:
If we enter 80 terabytes in the default mode of this calculator, it shows an attractive monthly income of $ 5,000.But if we go to the advanced section, it points to a very important point that the network is growing and in just 3 months, your income will increase from $ 183 per day to 5 cents per day.
That means you will not even earn $ 5,000 in the first month !!! Because in the first month, the whole network grows, and your daily income decreases!
And be careful again, even if you invest 80 terabytes of hard drive today and buy this amount of space, it will take at least two months to be able to fill 80 terabytes of the plot! So basically the income starts when he will not give you $ 15 a month and even a small part of the cost of buying your equipment will not be returned!what is your opinion?

The calculators aren’t accurate by any means… but I think some of your numbers are off too. i.e. I’ve been at this for less than 5 weeks and have created 1500 plots (~150TB)… In that time I’ve won a single block, 2 xch, which depending on the day is worth around $3k. Doesn’t cover my investment, but I can keep farming these plots and earn more chia in the future, even if the netspace keeps growing and my chances keep shrinking. With what I’ve invested, I’d only need to win a total of about 6 blocks or 12 XCH to break even. I’m pretty confident I’ll get more than that over time, and the price could go up significantly (what if XCH went to $10k? $30k?)

Unless you wait to join a pool, there will never be a predictable or reliable rate of payment. (daily, monthly)

edit: I won my second block today… time to win was 8-9 days the whole time, it took 15 days since the first one.

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Haha simple answer is no it’s not profitalbe if you need to buy your hardware.

You need to open advanced tap.
Set to 0 because you don’t have any plots yet. And set plot speed for me its 1,2 TB per day thats already mid range speed. And then need to set your max TB at the end you have. In your case 80TB. And your network growth per week wich is about 100% per week.

And then you have 278,50$ after 6 month xD
So not profitable for you to start now.
And thats is only you can pool farm. What you can’t right now.
So just not worth it… To late now

Farming is a terrible investment strategy. Any attractive margin will erode quickly. The barrier to entry (basically the cost of a hard drive) is extremely low. In the far future, people will be speculating on how long new drive models will last, because only especially long MTBF drives will be profitable. Because it will take years for the drive to pay for itself and start to turn a profit. Assuming farming is profitable at all, which it may well not be.

Not profitable, Chia just might be one of the best design ways to take money out of our pockets and put it in the hands of VCs… I am here because I appreciate the sheer beauty of it and how millions of TBs are flocking in daily waving $ bills yelling “here, take my money, take my money…” Heck I am volunteering north of 2 grand… I wonder if I would have been just as willing if they had simply asked for it… Hmm…
They have already become billionaires in a matter of days of their fairy dust trading on the limited number of exchanges, trillions not far now…

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I can’t really comment on how profitable or not Chia will be for people just getting started, but I can say with some confidence that your second “earnings over time” graph needs some adjustment. There is zero chance the netspace will be at 2+ ZiB by mid-August. There’s less than 8 ZiB in the entire world!

@Kwyjibo I have an honest question for you: Why are you here?

Your posts all reflect this same animosity toward Chia. You do realize that you don’t have to participate, right? Why invest so much mental energy (not to mention money) in a project you don’t believe in? Why not sell your equipment, likely for a profit in this environment, and put the pursuit of fairy dust behind you?


Hey man! You’ll always need the devil’s advocate to keep things interesting you know… I don’t have any animosity, I just flip-flop all over the place, and as for any crypto, I have the same opinion, I try to keep my commentary very civil, and apologise if it becomes marginally sharp, from time to time and sometimes often or less… You always need those people to spice things up you know… And I have to absolutely participate, I am a gambler, Chia is casino in my home, I would have never dreamt…


Simple calculator show you profitability if you already have this 808 plots, with no network expansion, but if you generating them, expansion speed and plotting speed is very needed information to get more acurate result

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