Is realistic?

I mean, can I expect profit with present modus of farming (without being in pool)?
Thanks for oppinions in advance.

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Take everything with a pinch (actually a shovel) of salt. The brown nosed CHIA fanboys (aka the ones that took a gamble and farmed in the early days back in march and won a few coins) will tell you that it is. Me I think it’s a croc of you know what.

With CHIA you’re just playing raffle/bingo. It’s really as simple as that. The size of your investment essentially equates to how many raffle/bingo tickets you’re willing to purchase.

Enjoy the game! :crazy_face:

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can we consider that an algorithm is really 100% random? if yes it’s a lottery then good luck

It’s based on the theory of probability. Nothing more to say really.

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