Is CorePool payment scheme fair?

I have joined CorePool recently and noticed my farming rewards decreasing when I stopped farming. Later, I found that the rewards get distributed by the “PlotPoints”, which is defined as

PlotPoints = Number of plots * Minutes you farm with the pool * Multiplier
Multiplier: K32 = 1, K33 = 2 and so on

  1. When I stop farming, my PlotPoints also stops (while other’s keep going up) and therefore my share of rewards going down, even coins already farmed up to that point. I think this is a bit unfair in the sense that I have contributed to the pool, helped the pool get rewards but I am getting penalized for not staying the full session. Some might say this scheme was designed to promote consistency … whatever that’s just how I feel.

  2. The multiplier is a bigger problem for me. I understand that K32 and K33 have the same chance of winning a block (correct me if I am wrong). So I see no reason to reward K33 more. If my argument holds true, I started to feel that this pool was designed for those who want future-proof and plot K33 now at the expense of K32 miners lured into the pool.

Lastly, I know I can just leave the pool but I just want to make sure my understanding is correct before I do.

Look at it as if you were going to work, if you went to work for only 2 hours your not expected to get paid for the whole day.

K33’s take up twice the space to store it vs K32, thus why it is a factor of 2.

K=32 239 GiB (256.6 GB) 101.4 GiB (108.9 GB)
K=33 512 GiB (550 GB) 208.8 GiB (224.2 GB)

Just basic math.

Thanks Jeff

  1. I just want to get paid for my 2 hours of work. But truth is I am not going to get that. Let me explain.
  • Let say, a pool of 2 plots, one K32 and one K33, works for 2 hours and finally wins a block (2 XCH).
  • At this point, K32 should get 1/3 of 2 XCH or about 0.66666 XCH and the rest goes to K33, right?
  • Then, K32 stops farming. K33 farms for the rest of the day and manages to win another block.
  • At the end of day, will K32 guy get 0.66666 XCH?
  • The answer is no. He will get less than that under this payment scheme.
  • I personally think this is a bit unfair.
  1. I understand K33 takes up twice the space. The question whether 2x space translates into 2x chance to win a block? If yes, I am fine with this concept.

Can you elaborate more on why you think this is unfair? Isn’t that the way pools are supposed to work? First of all, who told you that it was one of your plots that won the first block? Maybe it is a plot from the other guy, but you still get part of the reward because it is a pool. It is only natural to reward people based on number of plots AND time spend online farming.

  1. I have not used core pool - are you saying that if you stop farming your already accrued rewards reduce (XCH you have already earned goes down)? If so that’s quite unusual and would be a bit unfair, but if not, and far more likely, it’s that you have less (or no) potential share of future XCH then it’s perfectly fair - this how all PPLNS pools work.

  2. Yes K33s take up twice the space and translate into a 2x chance to win - why else would people be using them before they are mandatory?

Thanks mehdital and aschen

mehdital - I do not care whose plot actually wins the block. That is why we split 0.66666 and 1.33333

aschen - Yes, the already accrued rewards reduce if I stop during the day.
- Ok. I thought people did so just to avoid replotting once K32 becomes obsolete.

Real problem is CorePool has not paid out for the last 3 days now, claiming they are dealing with fake plots and double farmers. I just can’t stop farming now, even I would love to, because that will reduce my accrued rewards. I still do not know how long it would keep going. And I would get really mad if at the end I do not see significant increase in my rewards per day after cheaters get banned.

Your losing around 20% on non-official pools. Your basically paying around 20% in return for consistency. Which is why official pool plots are coming which will greatly help fight scammers and allow for reliable pooling.

Likely 2 weeks away or less, so just a little longer.

Thanks Chris

Official Pool is no doubt the best way. The thing is most of us will have to stick with unofficial pools until we replace all of our existing plots with the portable ones. Once official pool releases, it would take me 3 weeks to fill up my remaining space and probably 2 months to replace the old ones.

It’s not about ‘fair’ its about how much you earn
For 500 plots from hpool I get about 0.015, which is 1 xch per month for every 1,000 plots.
now tell me how much core earns? that’s all that matters
IMHO given that hpool has +60% of the win, and shares all this is always going to be the best deal, if your on a pool that never wins, there is nothing to share, no matter what crazy rules that make up

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There will never be an official pool from team-moron, just like there will never be a bug free release of Chia-blockchain
If u want something that works, use flax; they already have a pool, and I’m earning 0.5 xfx daily for every 500 plots,
don’t worry flax will be worth more than chia in a few months

Thanks somemoar

I doubt if you could make 0.015 a day from 500 plots on HPOOL. From pure math, that looks justified. In reality, HPOOL is crowded with double farmers. HPOOL makes up around 45% of the netspace, but it can win only around 35 out of 100 blocks on average. That means HPOOL makes around 25% less income than what it should based on pure math, and so do pool members. Actually I was on HPOOL and I made 0.016 a day with 700 plots.

Last time I looked at flax it was just a fork and rename of chia - if flax is currently bug free, then it’s because chia is currently bug free (and either being true is highly unlikely).

If you want to visualise it - the flax code would be a tiny layer of code on top of a massive pile of chia code - disparaging the chia team who built the huge bulk of the software whilst heaping praise on a team that have done a fork and rename shows either a real lack of understanding or an agenda.

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with 909 Plots:

It’s about your feeling its black&white

Daily Income**0.20 XCH/PiB** HPOOL PAYOUT

500 plots is 50TB, 50TB/1000 is 0.01 XCH /day; Just a fact of life;

For 1,000 plots, on HPOOL I’m see exactly this amount paid to my address daily. 0.02 xch

The other pool are claiming to be paying 0.22 xch/pib, but the reality is they’re not winning +80% of all the coins; so its meaningless to argue that they have a bigger payout, when they’re not even winning.