Is defragment help with slow proof time?

While trying to solve the 5s proof time problem, I’ve found that fragments may be a major culprit. On one of my HDD, which always has above 50% proof time over 8s, is 7% fragmented. After defragment, its proof times are only 0.2s or less, consistently.

This is interesting, do you think?

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Would be interesting to have some more samples. As the harvester does not much more than a handful of random reads once in a while, a major influence of fragmentation would surprise me.


I know the harvester only do a few random read from disks, that’s why I didn’t think of defragments until all other solutions has failed. The problematic disk is the first disk used for plotting, and I used it to test and transfer plots here and there between disks. That’s why it might have more fragments than usual. After defragmenting, it has been running a full day very smoothly, all reads are well under 0.2s.