Is enthusiasm for other coins the same as our enthusiasm for chia?

Look, I think chia is a great idea and I’m a fan. I’m buying and have a small farm doing its thing. But I wonder…if I were to look into some other coin, would I find enthusiasm in its forum like I find here? Do people mining other coins feel their coin is superior as we do with chia? Or is chia special? And if it’s not any more special than any other coin then what are we doing?


I started farming Chia and after a few months of haven´t won anything i decided to move to a pool and I´m still plotting my last HDD ! Now I become to see my wallet moving forward but the income is still minimum. I did the maths and conclude that Mining is more profitable that Farming then I bought 12 GPU´s and started mining ETH, in a couple of weeks I earned more than 3 times what I have done farming Chia for months. Sadly, i´m starting to loss emotion in Chia.

Well yeah, that’s kinda what I mean. Like…does every coin have its forum where fans only talk about the upside. Well…except for your I guess.

Are forums kinda like an echo chamber? I mean…I might pick up another HD tonight because they seem to be a good deal…but are we going to end up with just a bunch of hard drives and worthless coins someday?

It’s the same with the other coins. But in some other places, any negativity towards a coin, even when the facts are presented, the moderator just deletes the whole thread. I tend to find everywhere you have the

  • cultist: our coin is the best, it’s going to replace/overtake BTC, the rest are shitcoins;
  • believer: It’s a bargain now, it’s way undervalued, I’m in for the long term, I’m getting more at this price;
  • dreamer: I thought it was a great idea at the time, I regret it now (brought a few weeks ago and the price didn’t go to the moon);
  • pumper: it’s going to go 1000x, 100x, and;
  • hater: this coin is crap, it’s a shitcoin.

same here. not sure how far Chia really can go