Is everything working?

Dear all,

I’m continuously plotting and since one month reached 800 plots mark, but still no chia! software versions is 1.1.6.

As per How to Check If Everything is Working (or Not) · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

I’m checking if everything is fine with my setup with one main node and one harvester (both on windows 10, on both I’m also plotting). On the dedicated harvester (5950x, 64 RAM, 3x NVME Gen3 SSD + bunch of SATA600 HDDs connected directly to mobo and 6x via HBA over PCIEx4 card) I can see some of my plots are passing filters almost every 10-20 seconds and eligible for farming, but I’ve never seen any proofs found since I started. On the main node I can see some plots passing filters as well, but there are not that many plots since I move them to harvester eventually.

The thing that concerns me is that both commands below from the guide shows nothing:

  • Select-String -Path “~\.chia\mainnet\log\debug*” -Pattern “Found [^0] proof”
  • Select-String -Path “~\.chia\mainnet\log\debug*” -Pattern “Farmed unfinished_block”

So I wonder if I should see any proofs and/or unfinished blocks if no actual XCH farmed?

I haven’t found any serious warnings or errors in the logs on the main node as well as on the harvester except that sometimes I see that lookup takes more than 5 seconds (~6-7 usually) when I’m copying final plots from temp (SSD) to HDD on my harvester. Those warnings strictly correlate in time with copying and specific to particular destination drive that is currently acts as destination. This is expected I suppose since disk is busy while copying.

With 800 plots you have ~2% to win every day so not strange that you have no rewards yet.

Thank you for reply. But is it expected to see unfinished blocks or some proofs found without actual XCH on balance?

I stopped mining two weeks ago when I realized I could not determine if the only people who were getting rewards were those who were part of HPOOL (wholly controlled by the owner who already mined 90% of coins and may or may not accept other pools onto the chain). Then the Chinese decided to crack down on cryptocurrencies altogether. The way I saw it was I was always mining for someone else and had no chance of receiving enough rewards to make up for my equipment usage. Also, Chia is not listed on any reputable exchange so if you do get rewarded, you need to move your Chia quickly and cash out immediately.