Is Filling hard drive to maximum 99.9% is a terrible idea

I mean Right? Seems like common sense to me…
I’m curious what the “chia community” thinks here…

Goto leave breathing room for journaling,
Easier for drive to keep its data in “line”,
Less fragmented bits,
Easier on the partitions
Increased rw and io to the disk
All while not full.

Think what happens when ur windows boot drive gets cut full…. Does it run extra good io or r/w……


I just see a lot of preaching about filling up the drive. I think is silly

You do not do that. Your file system does that.

Please point me to an article about a drive not keeping its data in line.

Keep your drive empty, if you want no fragmented bits.

With no data, easier still.


I do not know what “cut full” means.
I also do not know what the boot drive has to do with storing chia plots.

“No” what?

That, after you fabricated a list of nonsense.

That reminds me… I have to warm up my dinner.


The official Chia wiki says to leave space on hard drives but many OGs consider that advice to be worse than the worst thing you could imagine. I still say Chia needs to address the counter points raised by the Chia community on this subject and update their official pages on said matter. Or provide counter points at the very least to justify their position.


Fill it to the rim with Brim!!!


There is not any ‘position’ to justify. The wiki stated a use condition that is nonsensical for Chia farming. Perfectly doable nonetheless, just not as useful as filling the drive. There is a lot of this type info re:Chia on the web, unfortunately, It and other info should ideally be cleaned up if they intend to leave it there.

There are only facts. And the facts say, filling a drive is neither a terrible idea or a good idea, it is just using the technology inherent in the drive to its fullest extent for the task at hand. I challenge someone to show me instructions from the drive manufacturer that you need to leave empty space incase something happens to the drive, when the data is not anything valuable that need to be backed up for safety.

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I am by no means an expert on hard drive performance, but have been using hard drive storage for the past 20 odd years. I would say that seymour hit the nail on the head with his answers. I doubt that leaving empty space on your HD is hardly going to prolong its life by any significant measure. Also in terms of I/O, Chia doesn’t seem to need high throughput when checking plots, and also HD have quick enough response time even when full to check said plots. The whole point of the Chia game is to maximize your usage of storage. I don’t think the OP has educated himself well enough about Chia plotting and should make liberal use of the google search engine.

Ur kinda incompetent arnt u

Why not do you own research

Even just a google search into the subject

When a drive is full it preformes less well

If ur hard drive is over full. It will right data to journaling space.
And if left like that will inevitably curupt. WSPECIALLY consumer drives. Enterprise drives do not have this problem… they fixed it in enterprise drives.

Look it up

This whole forums literally full of bad advice that nincompoops will actually listen to and followZ

And everytime I speak up on what iv learned from personal experience.

I’m called a troll.

My 60+ years in modern computing serves no purpose I gues.

O well.

Sorry I don’t explain things in such a manner that dum people would be able to understand.

Computer sciencE is precisely that. A science.

Good luck to all u simples.

When my car is loaded with groceries, it performs less well. But it still gets the job done.
A drive full of plots will still get the job done. The drive need not perform at peek performance for the task at hand.

I do not know how to “over full” a drive.
Either it is full, or it is not full.

You do not need journaling for drives that store plots.
Those drives are “write once”, and then only read, thereafter.

You just made that up.

I try to follow your meaning, but when you make up words that resemble nothing I have ever seen, how can I understand what you wrote? What is “WSPECIALLY”? Why did you YELL it?

When you make the claim, others are not tasked with looking it up.
When you make the claim, then you provide the link to validate your assertions.

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Dumb (has a B in it)

I think its silly that all your Lan cables aren’t blue!! But everyone knows to get top speed they need to be hot-red… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But I’m safe I have some space left on each of my 18tb drives


Maybe u are a god

The way you ask questions on here.
Just leads me to believe your relatively new to computers.
That’s all.

Ur just so very closed minded and sure of the wrong answers…

It’s painfull for me to see honestly, dis why I step in.

There’s so much miss information on the internet it’s sickens me.


Not tying to hurt anyones feelings.

But I’d figure some people would be smart enough to do some real research into what I’m saying

and not just dismiss what I have to say.
And move on.

Stifleing conversations, so that a few free thinkers cannot collaborate ethically and data science and computing.

People with years of first hand real experience and not just the words of a random websit.

Hey were here to have fun right, and I do agree there is too much miss information on certain things but people need to do their own research, that’s how I’m able to keep this Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I running.

I have 304TiB plots, spread across 21 drives, 19 dedicated to Chia, the average free space on those 19 drives is around 3.4GB, and guess what they work just fine.

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Not really. This is a friend-to-friend exchange forum, and no one is obliged to provide any links. People are taking their time to provide some info, but that’s it. When you see people just providing BS, just ignore such topics, instead of trying to feed those trolls.

They are obliged when they post claims, and then tell others to look it up.
People should not have to search for what does not exist.

Gullible people will waste their time searching for nonsense.

Not everyone will recognize BS for being BS.

This forum probably has countless readers that do not chime in. They read, and some of them might believe BS comments. So it helps the unsuspecting, and the newbies who are just learning, when someone identifies BS as being BS.

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No one is obliged to do anything. You are trying to make up rules as you go, and you are also not obliging by those rules.

There are no rules whatsoever on this forum.

Then people should do their own research and not bother others to do the work for them.

This is no Wikipedia or court, just a forum where people are going out of their way to share the info they have heard, and it may not be right, so others chime in. The point is that we share the info and try to learn from each other. Such info doesn’t have to pass any bar. Just look at the nonsense and hate people wrote on that NoSSD thread. On the top of that some shithead was allowed to block that thread for several days (not sure why that person was not banned right away).

Sorry, but no one has any obligation to do hand holding for whatever adjective you want to use for some people. You cannot stop those people from hurting themself, as usually they know better. Potentially a good example is about 5 EB of netspace in HPool.

Then let those that don’t recognize it to bog down such threads. Otherwise (like this one), you are just feeding the troll that makes those posts with just one intention to get people upset, and waste their time fighting such BS. The OG was already banned a couple of times from this forum, and once everything cools down, he/she creates a new handle, and at some point goes the same route.

If anything, I would just flag such post where people start calling other people names, as that would stop this troll in hist tracks right away.

Then just stay focused, and just call BS on those claims, and never look again at such thread. Slicing and dicing those posts is really leading nowhere, but continue such threads to go on forever.

Again, there are no rules, so whatever you do, and you are happy with it is OK. However, don’t try to extend what fits you to others, as they go by whatever they feel works for them (e.g., asking for sources is a BS if you ask me, as I will try to do my own research seeing some claims that I am not familiar with, and will only ask for sources if I cannot find anything about it)

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