Is i3 3200 Enough For Chia Farmer PC?

Is i3 3200, 4GB RAM, 250GB SATA SSD, Enough For Chia Farmer PC ?

I would say yes. But it will take a while (days?) to do the first sync! i use ancient phenoms / i5 for farming/harvesting: once they are in snyc everything is ok!

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Ok… I can use i7 4790K first for sync then replace it with i3 3220, i7 4790K it’s very nice for Plotting, only take about 4 hours for 2 plot in parallel with WD Black SN850 1TB NVMe SSD and also 32GB DDR3 RAM, but with very hot CPU (about 85 - 100 degree celcius) :slight_smile:

I had i3 3220 + 16GB ram (I just had 16gb of ddr3 and installed it all) + 16TB. This was farming without issues (and profits :sweat_smile:) for a month. And it was making some plotting same time (2-3p/d).

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I do not think CPU so dramatically affects synchronization. My thinkpad with i5-10210U, 16GB ram did first sync for about same time as i3-3220

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If you have multiple machines you can also just copy the blockchain from a synced machine to another machine and it will be instantly synced

How to do that ?, some tutorial please…

If you are on windows the file you want to copy is C:\Users<yourusername>.chia\mainnet\db\blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite to the equivalent location on the new machine.

If you are on Linux or Mac I am not sure what the location of that file is, but it’s the same filename

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