Is it all for chives?

Price is going down badly.

Meh. Went up almost 300% in a week and then dropped 30% in a day. Looks perfectly normal in our crazy crypto market. IMOP, first it rose too quickly and now it must find its level.

I see no negative chatter or news that would cause loss of faith. If there was a Chives problem being talked about I would be concerned. There does not seem to be, so I’ll chalk it up to normal trading behavior.

A continued slide erasing gains of the last week would definitely be a problem. We’ll see …

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Well, currently profitability of mining of chives is pretty at the same level as chia, so

I also started reploting recently, but maybe this is time to drop the idea and get back to chia.

Besides, client is bugged, forum is almost dead, i don’t know …

Yeah. Forum and reddit way quiet, but we are used to having a lot more users around us here.

Whats wrong with client? No apparent problems with Chives client here.

It doesn’t reflect on remote harvesters.

I had to research remote harvester, lolz!

I see that Chia initially had the same problem but that it was fixed by April or May.

Fortunately I have no need for a remote harvester.

I hope Chives fixes the problem for those that do.

yeah they promissed.

why was chives cost that high anyway?

i suspect this is it

I figured out a funny little workaround for this - if you add just one plot to your farmer machine and add that plot directory, the older Chia forks that had this bug will all of a sudden start showing the remote harvester as well - and they can win! Here’s a screenshot of my Chives farmer - notice the stats are obviously wrong cause it is only counting the single plot on the farmer and not including all the plots on the remote harvester, but it still wins as you see. Also notice each challenge has 2 “tries” - one for the single plot on the farmer (0/1) and then another for the remote harvester (0/xxx):

This works on a few of the other older forks that haven’t yet updated as well (Chaingreen, Goji, Seno).

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I asked, “Can the Chives client use a remote harvester?” at Chives Forum.

Aspy68 you can use it, it will just not show your plots. But you can confirm it by setting your log to DEBUG.

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Feel free to post a link back to here with my silly workaround! Maybe they don’t know about it. :astonished:

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I put up a link to your work around at the Chives Forum.

Not really much going on there. Almost all posts are about transaction issues.

The good news is that I have only seen one post that was not quickly resolved (with many just being an impatient user) and even the unresolved one looks like stubborn user error to me.

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2.5x doesn’t qualify as “the same level” in my opinion.


yeah … right :nauseated_face:

What a waste of time it was …