Is it enough to see node syned and plots passing filter?

I don’t quite understand the port forwarding thing.
I can see my node synced, new blocks appears, peak height rising, other full nodes connected to me, and plots constantly passing filter. Just no reward at all with current 100+ plots.
Is that enough to ensure my networking is ok?

The most common advise at the moment is to switch your logging level to INFO and check the lines that say: x plots eligible - mostly you want to look at them when x is not 0, then check the timing on those, of the plot check takes over 30 seconds you might be losing coins. For a well functioning system they seem to be all taking around a second.

However, a 100 plots is not that many (feels like it to me with my paltry 57 plots so far :wink: ) and as you can read in the GUI, the estimated time to win is pretty high, about 1 month for 100 plots (which could mean you win tomorrow, or you win in 1, 2 or 3 months).

Anyway, as long as your timing for eligible plots are fine you seem to be doing just fine!

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Actually I’m more comfortable with the command line and did that many times, and do some research when anything doesn’t seem right. Constantly keep something like tail -f debug.log | grep eligible
Maybe I’m just too nervous.
The best I can do is 250+ plots in the next week. I think just to be patient

Which part and commands on debug log that we need to take note of?

I have seen some posts on even if all your plots are farming. They may never ever win any chia.

How do we combat this? Or take note of this in the debug log? I am currently on latest version 1.1.3

So far at 65 plots.

Just want to know if my plots are valid.
I did a plots check via powershell yesterday and all are valid.

However i want to learn whether valid plots will let us farm the rewards.

So far i noticed under (plots passed filter) sometimes its 1/65 2/65 but never really materialize on anything.

Just want to know if the plots are farming the way it should

Based on what you said, everything is working.

I wrote a few more things about this topic here: Is it enough to see node syned and plots passing filter? - #2 by cultiv

There’s also this wiki page: How to Check If Everything is Working (or Not) · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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