Is it good practice to ban bad nodes?


I do occasionally, when i notice, remove “bad” nodes like these on the screenshot below. Does it make any sense or i just wasting my time?


I think as long as there is any movement on those nodes (the Up/Down colum with increasing Up and/or the Height column increasing) it’s a lot nicer to help those nodes to sync.
When stuck at the same Height for a longer time they may need to be restarted by their owner in which case those nodes will have to acquire new peers anyway so I guess you could delete them.

yeah i know it’s not my point :smirk:

do i really HAVE to do it, is it better to have them deleted or chia client has efficient enough garbage manager and i don’t really need to be bothered.

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could my node be harmed in any way because of them during their lifetime?

You can keep them as long as you don’t have any problems with sync.