Is it normal to never have KiB Up change on a full node connection?

Hi everyone, was wondering if its normal to have 0.0/100 (KiB Up/Down) on my Full Node Connection.
I’ve never seen KiB Up change, it always stays at 0.0, what im I doing wrong.

I only have 1 Node ID on Full Node Connection at 0.0/100 (KiB Up/Down) and 1 Node ID on Harvester Network at 870.1/900.2 (KiB Up/Down).

@codinghorror do you know how this works?

Plus if I check logs, at the debug folder, I see a lot of warnings and errors showing up like Err.DOUBLE_SPEND, Err.COIN_AMOUNT_NEGATIVE.
Consensus error 124 (number of plots i guess), not disconecting
Error using prover object Src size is incorrect

Why are you asking me? Do I look like I am in charge of Chia? :laughing:

What is this topic even about? I’ll narrow it down to the first sentence at least.

Sorry man Im just looking for someone that might know, thanks for the other tips by the way

Those are expected and harmless.

Not entirely sure about that one but Gene Hoffman said it can be ignored.

That one means that you are trying to farm a plot that is complete.


I have an error saying, daemon main :ERROR Unexpected exception trying to send to websocket: traceback

If i scroll all the way down its just full of errors. Maybe a problem with daemon?
Should I uninstall chia, erase all .chia files and reinstall?

Never had that error but it sure doesn’t look good I’m afraid :sweat:

Do you know if Im safe to uninstall chia blockchain, delete all .chia files, including daemon, keys etc and reinstall chia blockchain? And not lose my already farmed plots?

If you reuse the same key (aka the same 24 words mnemonic) and don’t delete your .plot files, it should be safe.


Thanks for all your help! You are amazing

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