Is it possibile to run external hard drive only on USB hub?

Like im topic is it possibile to run external drive only on USB hub with external power supply?

Mining, whether internal or external, has to be connected to a blockchain.
Because a hard disk has no capability to run a standalone program, you are obliged to connect it to a PC unit.

If your question is:
Can I connect my HDDs to my PC only via USB hub? Then, of course yes.

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Maybe my question was not so specified, i mean is it possibile to plug external drive for plotting and farming to pc with active USB hub 3.0with only USB hub power supply (without external hard drive power supply)

If the hard disk holder has its own power adapter, it will not run without power supplied to it directly.

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A normal 3.5" HDD cannot be powered via USB. The reason behind this is that these drives need 12V and USB only delivers 5V


If your thinking about buying a ton of 2.5" external drives then don’t. I had that Idea and asked a question to Seagate regarding the power consumption of their drives so I know what usb hub to buy. Kindly enough a engineer called me to help me with my inquiry, but when I told him my plans where to connect several of their drives to a computer via a hub he told me not to do it because their drives would not work properly, something about the drivers not able to handle that kind of setup.

powered usb hub make this come ture, but you should have a external hard drive dock or enclosure with usb port

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