Is it possible to buy 10TB+ drives in your country in May 2021?

Hey guys!

I’m from Europe (Spain) and for nearly 2 weeks now it’s impossible to find any external hard drive of 10TB+ at a reasonable price. Of course, you can find a 12TB on eBay or similar places for 400-700€ which is insane… (I have been buying those drives since april 3th for 200-210€)

I have contacted several shops and they don’t expect to have stock anytime soon… I even talked with Seagate support and they don’t know when will be those drives available…

So, would like to know about you guys, is there stock in your countries? Are you experiencing (or have experienced) shortage on those drives?


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Only external hdd are still at reasonable price, but also getting more expensive (Holland)

12TB internal disks are close to 400 euro/pcs now, and not the really good ones. A few weeks ago I bought some for 250-300/pcs and those where all enterprise level.

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yes it is possible, but the premium they charge is insane, 16TB enterprise HDD for 950$ is just too much.

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any reliable online store to check if ships to Spain?

Well, has this sad disclaimer at the top…


I managed to buy several 10-piece cartons of 16tb seagate exos at $1290 per carton from plus $200 airmail. Took two weeks first of which I was waiting for my order being accepted and had to call to push it through. That was before Chia transaction started and considering how shady the place is it might as well result in money being stolen. From what I hear however prices are affected everywhere except SE Asia. I see the offer is still up.

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Alibaba sellers know about Chia, the whole situation is screw up for now!

Let’s see how it ends… I guess this will be a short time situation, but even so… :exploding_head:

And that was the best price I found…

Yes it’s called get off the couch and look in the store.

dude, I couldn’t find in my area any physical store that sells 10TB+ drives, I already went to ALL of it…

Yeah… ain’t nothing locally that has anything >8TB readily available. Hell, 8TB is basically gone now too.

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here I just checked and it is possible to find WD Purple 8TB for €250 in a reliable store. However, 31€/TB seems like a lot, but it is not bad at all due to current situation…

I will wait… i 'm gonna stop plotting until portable plots are released, so i have some margin to find more drives at reasonable price

Last week, i was able to buy 2x 14TB for 304€/each, that’s ~21€/TB. imo a very good price.

yesterday asked for 2 more, and prices were already 373€/each ~26€/TB :grimacing:

btw, was in amaz0n

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well, right now i guess it’s not a bad offer at all…

amazon which country?
I bought 2 weeks ago 14TB Seagate Expansion Desktop (Exos x16 inside) for 247€ in

in spain mediamarket had 8TB disks 149€ ~18€/TB, but stock was limited :disappointed:

wasnt able to put my pawns in some :sob:

in mediamarkt spain, during a promo day, i don’t remember exactly when it was… but i guess more than one month ago, 10TB were sold for 170€ and at same time in Amazon 12TB was for 200€. 17€/TB :pensive:

now people is selling those same drives in second hand places for 400€+ :laughing:

i hope in some time we will se those deals again…

I am from India, currently under lockdown…
But we have sufficient stocks at the Normal Price Itself

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welcome to the forum!

any online india store? just to check if they ship it to spain? thanks!!