Is it possible to calculate an expected reward as part of a pool?

Hello everyone, I have been analyzing some data and made this calculation that is close to a pool reward from a normal farmer.

If the pool wins a block with 547 040 global points these would be 100% of the reward
Discounting the 0.25 from the farmer who closed the block, the 1.75 would now be my new 100% to distribute.

then for me the calculation would be this.
Global Points 547040 ------ 100%
My points 500 ---------?%

? = 100x500 / 547040
? = 0.0914% (My reward% of 1.75)

Now in Mojos
100% = 1.75XCH
0.0914% =?

? = 1.75X0.0914 / 100
? = 0.001599 (0.0914% of my contribution)

This is correct? Is there a formula to calculate this?

Thank you very much to all.

To give you rough but real-life earnings from a pool:
Disk space: 104TiB
Plots: just over 1K
Current Net space: 33.43 EiB
Earnings per 24 hours: 0.0242 XCH


Thank you very much for answering. Imagine that the amount of points you contribute is very high, which would be reflected in the rewards every 24 hours. Greetings.

It depends if the pool is using the point system, I think most do not actually.
They count the partials they receive and don;t work with the point system (dont ask me why)

I do agree that it would be good if you can check the actual payout received with some accuracy.

But for now I think it is more practical to just see how much XCH/TiB you should be getting based on your farm size and see if your income matches that.