Is it possible to limit the upload?

I have a very small bandwidth, and chia saturates it with its upload, which is causing me problems, I would like to allow the sharing of the BC to reduce my total chia upload, is this possible?

block the inbound port 8444, will reduce the upload traffic

switch off the pc too


block the inbound port 8444

do not block the outbound port 8444

the chia app will work normally, public the 8444 port will work as “share node”, to help others who don’t have an public IP to pass the NAT.

I’m not kidding

but then my node will no longer stay synch.
The problem is the outgoing not the incoming.

tcp, udp or both?

that’s not effect the sync, check your firewall configuration

block the inbound port 8444

do not block the outbound port 8444

no incoming will no upload

I believe it can be configured in the config.yaml, but if you limit your outbound connections, and send your proofs to other nodes that limit theirs I’d be concerned over losing blocks.

udp, tcp or both?
I have currently blocked both and it seems to reduce the upload a bit effectively

CHIA use TCP only, block both is also OK

it doesn’t seem to have any impact, sometimes it goes lower than before, but goes higher after … “start full node” upload sometimes has more than 150kb / sec, that’s my entire connection …

that’s the basic required network speed, can’t be reduced, else you will lose the chance to win the blocks.
you want to won the blocks, you need keeping send the blocks to others to verify.
150kb / sec - it’s very slow.

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but still a lot of people only have an adsl not well, at night i dream of having optical fiber :sweat_smile:
thank you for your help :+1:

You can also connect your farmer to an external full node. I am sure how to do it tho.