Is it too late to start?

Is it worth starting to fence slowly plotting this week with 10 TB?

It is not about getting rich, but about wanting at least to be able to pay for my investment. Do you think it is possible to start if I start with only 10 TB and invest 75% of the winnings in the purchase of new HW with each reward?

Every 14 days, the reward decreases by a third.

14 days ago 0.11 XCH daily.
Today 0.03 per day
For 14 days 0.01 per day
In a month 0.003
In two months 0.000003 XCH

I don’t think you can chase the net to win a reward.
I don’t plan to add every week unless I win a reward.

What do you think about it? I’m afraid that if I don’t make the initial investment, at least $ 1,000, the train will leave before I have any plots ready. :smiley:

They will have pools at May 17th. It will be a way to make some stable profits.

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That’s a decision that you will have to make. It really all depends on how much you like to play raffle/bingo! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is not about getting rich, but about wanting at least to be able to pay for my investment. Do you think it is possible to start if I start with only 10 TB and invest 75% of the winnings in the purchase of new HW with each reward?

Okay… let me tell you something.

We’re experiencing crazy times with crypto and it’s not always been like this I can tell you that. Not going to talk about the dark days but if you’re going to play this game then you’re going to have to have plenty of patience my friend.

Most business ventures don’t make a single dime in the first year or two let alone think about ROI!

If you’re looking to generate a bit of passive income then I suggest you wait until the pools are live then you can start plotting to one and hopefully make a bit on the side.

Good luck!


In case you’re unclear on this: Without pooled farming, you cannot actually get 0.03 XCH in one day.
A few thousand times a day, you either get 2 XCH (maybe plus transaction fees) or you get nothing.

If ten thousand people each had 10TB, most of those ten thousand would get 0 XCH today. Some would get 2. Maybe a lucky few would get 4 or 6 or even more. But together they would have around 10,000 * 0.03 XCH = 300 XCH.

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Yeah, i wating for it :slight_smile: but still plotting right now for solo until the farming-pool is ready! :slight_smile:

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Well, I have been farming 200gb and won the block, and actually I haven’t wasted any money yet, so we can say, that i’m 1000$ ahead :smiley: But basically without doing investment there is small possibility to earn some money. You have to decide: it looks like if You will invest enough, this looks actually very profitable. But without any initial investment it’s hard to say if You will earn anything.

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The Chia team openly contemplate that in the long run, it wouldn’t be profitable to buy new hardware for the sole purpose of Chia farming – that wouldn’t be “green.”

  1. We’re not close to steady state yet; rather it’s been a super early, speculative land-grab.
  2. Nobody knows whether that will come true or not (not in anyone’s control), but we should all know that it wouldn’t be unexpected nor undesirable if so.
  3. If I were going to buy hardware at this point (I’m not) then I’d want to tell myself some plausible story of how else it might be valuable to me besides XCH farming. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do so, since it’s general-purpose stuff.

No pools on the 17th. There is no date for pools.


I understand that the pools will help me better cover losses from the beginning and help me a lot so that the train does not pass me and help my start.

But someone wrote me something that when a person is in the pool, he has to do some kind of replotting, what’s the truth?

You write that the pools do not exist, but I see clouds of giant existing pools on chia pools.

When the pools are up and running, what should I do? I understand that it will again be just something for the chosen ones, that who will quickly get into the pool, or anyone will be able to enter the pool at any time?

What are the conditions for being in a pool?

Chia team thinks buying new HW is not green? What do you mean by this and what impact can it have on me as a beginning farmer?

You won $ 1,000 on 200 GB, but that was a long time ago vid? Although it may not even be, because until recently the chances of a reward were high, now it is really difficult to succeed without a huge investment. Perhaps the point of being able to use the pool and my temporary investment will not be in vain.

Thank you very much everyone, you helped me.

Just to be clear: I won 3 days ago (expected time was 9 years), so it happens apparently :smiley:


Pools are feature that has not been implemented in Chia. The pools you see are pools in the sense of people grouping together, but the are not real Chia pools.

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Wow, it must have been lucky to continue as winning the jackpot.

The pools in the screenshot are therefore just fake pools that work.

Please keep in mind who will be able to get into the pool and under what conditions.

Most of those pools are solo farmers. Even solo farmers have a pool key.

I had purchased some hardware for the sole purpose of farming CHIA, but decided to return everything after seeing the exponential rise in net space. My current plan is to buy few CHIA whenever its listed on a legit US exchange.

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You keep telling me that a legitimate pool doesn’t exist yet.

But I still don’t get information on how it will be possible to get into a legitimate pool and what it will entail once legitimate pools exist.

Once the pool protocol is online (expected may 17th) you can start to make plots that will be able to join a pool. Plots you made before that will not work for pools.

The new plots can be entered into a pool and also moved out again.

The specific rules of a pool will be up to whoever run it. But you can always leave and join another one if you want.

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So I probably start just in time. I think I would probably go crazy if I had a lot of TB plotted and had to replot it. :smiley:

So maybe someone will take me to the pool even if I’m just a micro little farmer.

I find it very great that the pools are created directly with the support of chia, that it does not have to be solved through some third party services. It’s fantastic. That there is perhaps fairness and prevention against fraud such as denial of rewards, etc.

Isn’t it possible to try to negotiate with someone in the pool now, or to plot immediately in a still inactive pool? For approx. 12 h I want to start creating my first fence, don’t I have to wait those 6 days at the pools?

Who can start a pool and how?
What does it mean to start your own pool?
What does it mean to be in a pool?
How will it work? I will probably have to set a flag pool (simple pool application) to my fences in the plotting configurator (chia application) so that it is known which pool should receive a reward and the pool participants will then divide it fairly according to their share.

Hello. I think this topic is just for you and me)))

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