Is my farming reward normal?

Hello, I have 2 computers in 2 different places running a same wallet, here are the config:
Total plots: 108.3 TB
Plot count: 1092
Estimated time to win: 2 months

Total plots: 25.34 TB
Plot count: 256
Estimated time to win: 8 months

I set up all these around 1 year ago, and i didnt catch up the update, didnt join any pool. The last block reward i got is Sep 27, 2021. It has been near half year i haven’t got any block reward.

My questions are:

  1. Will the mining power auto addup my 2 computers when they are using the same wallet?

  2. Are the reward like mine are normal? Since i didnt join any pool, and i got 2 different computers running the same wallet, i don’t know if all these factors affect my reward.

Thanks a lot.


  1. Yes your two nodes are just that - nodes- like any other node with a certain number of plotted space to compete with all other plots in Netspace to ‘win’ a block. When that happens the rewards are sent to the farmer and pool reward-addresses on the blockchain, as setup on those nodes. The same in your case.

  2. It’s not exactly lucky but still within normal I would say. I have a 16 day ETW but nearly three months between my last blocks won and even more before that… :roll_eyes:

My question is if it’s not possible to add those 25TB to your A setup. Running a full node system for ‘only’ 25TB is not that economical, even less with kWh prices increasing (at least here in Europe…)


I would wonder if there is any problem getting rewards when not upgrading for a year? I’m not sure, perhaps ask on Keybase support, worth a shot to know, even if you are up to date now.

Sorry i meant i didnt follow the project for a while, not sure if there were any updates of the reward change. I do update the GUI constantly and the nodes are always synced.