Is running full nodes on NAS a good idea?

Chia software updates keep killing plotting process on the plotters. Is it better to run full nodes on NAS and make plotters run as a local farmer connect to NAS? If so, docker or ubuntu on VM?

I have a Synology 920+

If you plot via the CLI, chia upgrades shouldn’t be killing your plotting processes.

As for running a full node on your NAS, that should work fine on a 920+. I run one on a 1019+ without issue, using the docker image, which works fine once you bind-mount the right stuff.

Here’s a script I used to bring up the container on my Synology. You’ll probably want to adjust the directory paths on the host side.

docker pull
docker run -d \
  --name chia-node \
  --net host \
  -v ~/chia/chia.keys:/root/chia.keys \
  -v ~/chia/plots:/plots \
  -v ~/chia/python_keyring/:/root/.local/share/python_keyring/ \
  -v ~/chia/dot-chia:/root/.chia \
  -p 8444:8444 \
  -p 8555:8555 \
  -p 55400:55400 \
  -e keys="/root/chia.keys" \

Thanks timdev. I’m plotting via CLI but isn’t it mounting the old folder namely \app-1.1.5 which will be changed after the update? The plot will keep running?
I’ll try your script. Thanks!

The directories used by the plotter can be whatever you tell it to use. No need to use any folder with a version number.

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like this? $ENV:LOCALAPPDATA\chia-blockchain\app-*\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon
I’m very new to using Powershell. Thanks again!