Is Terra the best Crypto Investment in 2022?

Hey guys,

You probably noticed the latest crypto crash caused by the massive problems Terra / Luna had with their Blockchain . The value of Terra / Luna went down from $100 to almost 0.

Since it seems that the bottom was reached eventually and Terra / Luna is going up again, I bought some additional coins like 3 hours ago and already made 30% profit. ;D Yes, the coin is volatile as fuck but I assume chances are good that the crypto coin will eventually regain the trust of the people and rise. Today it made like 1000% already. At the moment it is $0.0005314. It may not 10000x back to $100 but even it the value just rises by 10x or 100x it could become the best investment option in 2022 that most people missed.

What do you think?



50% Profit after four hours. LOL! I bought at $0.0004 and it is at $0.0006 now.

Just a gamble on a dying shitcoin

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This, highly doubt terra will ever really do well again. Lot of broken trust in a system that is bad by design

I agree but is it still a good time to start gambling with it? I think so. :wink:

Up to you, how you want to spend your money - gambling or otherwise.
Just calling it investment is incorrect

This is actually how Warren Buffet made his fortune.

I’ve thrown 2 XCH at it, just in case. I’m prepared to never see it again.

I don’t want to talk about it… still painful lol

Probably never see all that money again :confused:

I wouldnt put a lot of eggs in it. When it was going down I got 80 at $1 so $80 investment. I thought it would go back up in time but when it went way way down I reckon I mad a mistake. Buts is only $80 not $80000 so I can take the hit. I have made more.

Also a part of me wanted to help the coin. I feel sorry for thoes that lost money but thi is not a game dont mess with you house, retirement plan and so on please. Be safe.

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True. Diversification is key.

Exactly. With extremely high risk comes extremely high ROI.

I’m not a fan of bullshit coins with nothing behind them. BTC/ETH/XCH have lots of hardware, most others do not.

It’s never going to where it was, it’s too diluted now. But it may (which I doubt) get back close to the market cap it had, which would be 30x or .006.
I will agree it’s going to be a good short term trading opportunity if you feel like gambling on the massive price moves. I’ll admit I’ve dabbled a bit in the short term, but only for smallish gains.

Any move up is going to met with massive selling. Either you have short term opportunist who get in and out. Or you have people who own at higher levels, who maybe $ cost avg and are capitulating on any bounce. Same with UST. Any move up gets met with selling. You saw that last night, recovered to .26 then immediately got sold off. The long term trust I think is shot.

It doesn’t help that major exchanges like coinbase will be removing it in the coming weeks…

Good trading and chia farming!

Coin is 100% down in 2022 so I would suggest it has been the worst crypto investment in 2022.

No matter how cheap you buy it, you can still lose 100% of what you put into it. Avoid like the plague. :grin:

This post did not age well.

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Well, there was a good time to sell and then there was a bad time to buy. But yeah, Classic Terra is a gamble now. Also I have no clue who in their right mind would buy Terra 2.0. I am already surprised that the guy behind Terra is not getting sued by 1 million people. ;D

Give it time. I’m sure the lawsuits are coming. But the fact that he is in Korea may hinder a lot of that. And from what I heard, he dissolved the company behind it the day before it went to shit. If that is true, holy crap, why would anyone give that guy money to do it again?

If you know the answer to that question, you can be rich in a day :rofl: