Is the Chia Ecosystem unfriendly to visually impaired farmers?

Hi Chia Forum,

Recently I commissioned a study on the major websites of Chia and how they score in terms of accessibility and the first part of that report has come in. If you don’t want to click the gist of it is that there is mixed results, some pools are better than others but that there is room for everyone to improve. You can read it here if you would like.

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Someone taking care of the really important questions.


The real question is, what are pool operators doing to accommodate people who are grey-green colorblind?

one of the metrics is an optional colour filter, which no one has. That’s what you need to sort out colour blindness properly, from what I have read. Dark mode helps for some people but not others (as you just described, grey-green colour blindless would be really touch in Chia with either lightmode or dark mode, including my web site).

thanks for the awesome information.

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