Is the pool version stable? No!

Since a month I have been plotting chia and had no error in the log file. Now I have installed 1.2.0 voila!
Countless error lines in the log. What is going on devs?

FYI your question is pointless without pasting the logs…
I don’t get any errors and have been plotting and pooling since the hour it was released.

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I think that he will see a lot of connection errors…
If this is true, you would have seen such errors also with the older client if you restarted it.
This errors are mostly related to other forks of chia-blockchain that uses different certificates which affects encrypted communication.

Thanks for the answers. Every second I learn a new thing :ok_hand:

I am seeing this error in my log every second since I updated to 1.2.0. Is this also something not to worry about?
When I still ran 1.1.7 I never saw this error, even though I restarted the client several times.

I think that is a software error. I get the same errors. Farming and plotting and pooling is Ok for me.