Is their a chia manager that makes efficient use of HD space by plotting different types of K plots?

I have read about the different types of chia managers that are mentioned on chia links and was wondering if there is a manager out their that can fill HDD space with different types of K plots to make the most efficient use of HDD space.


I haven’t seen one, but this page will at least tell you how many of each size to use:

I currently use madmax for k32’s and then just use the gui to create the k33’s to fill as much as possible. I run them at the same time, wich probably isn’t best - but I’m not stressing over getting as many plots as possible anymore. Just replacing solo plots with pool plots a drive at a time.

Thanks, I did see that page and a second one too. That got me thinking if their is a plot manager that would automatically create plots to take full advantage of HDD space.