Is there a blockchain db out there I can download?

The blockchain db I think is corrupted due to sudden loss of electricity.

It’s been 24hrs and still syncing kind of broken. I think it’s faster to download the db than to sync it.

Imagine if blockchain is already 100gb or more. DB corruption is a nightmare scenario.

Anyone please share the db? Thanks

you should be seriously careful downloading a db file form anyone.
Downloading that from a stranger is kinda asking for trouble


1.Download the blockchain file of the chia/fork you need.
2.Close the chia/fork program.
3.Copy this file to the following folder:
4.Run your chia/fork program

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Thanks. But the link is just for forks.

jeblumena mate, you will find CHIA Blockchain DB there too…
just go right at slider and you will see chia…

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check out :
you can download the latest version of Chia Blockchain database file
they updated every 24 hours.