Is there a market for just plotting?

I just spent 5k on a rig that can do 200 plots a day. At that rate I will fill all my storage in 20 days. Is there a market for only plotting? What would you pay for a 10tb storage filled with plots?

I’m interested in your plow machine’s specs.

what your machine? only 5k can plot 200 !!? can share info?

I can do 32 plots in parallel and it plots in 4 hours.

Thread ripper 32core 2990WX
ASRock X399 TAICHI Motherboard
G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 128GB ram
Samsung 980 pro 2Tb ssd x4
Liquid cooled cpu

Amazing performance. Do you start all your plots at the same time or stagger at all?

Do you have any screenshots?

Nothing yet I just ordered it. but I copied a friend set up that is getting this production. I should have it next week.

Ok, keep us posted. To answer your original question. Yes some people are plotting as a service. Check our buy sell trade topic to see them all.

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There is no way this will produce a plot in 4 hours. A 5950x, which is a faster, newer generation CPU (Zen 3), doesn’t plot a single plot in 4 hours.

Note single core scores: 108, vs 159. That’s how fast a single plot will go. Don’t worry, you’ll generate plenty of plots with this machine indeed, but… 4 hours? Uhhh no. Sorry :wink:


Do you use a 5950x yourself for plotting and how many M.2 you use? how many plots do you do per day? How is a 5950x faster when it only has 16 cores while the TR 2990WX has 32 cores?

Per-thread performance is what determines absolute individual plot times, which is what I was discussing.

Lots of cores is indeed a very good thing – but if those cores are slower cores, they will plot slower. I was just pointing out the absurdity of claiming a 4 hour plot time on that particular CPU. You can barely get a 4 hour plot time with a RAMdisk!

And yes I do have a 5950x system, I have two of them, I’ll have four of them before the week is out.