Is there a way to check currently plots setting?

In the middle of plotting on main GUI, how to check where is the final folder of each plot. I want to make sure that every setting is correct. I checked in the log file but at the header does not included the destination folder path until it actually do moving at the end of phase4.

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Just check the log of the plotter. The settings should be at the top of the log.

normally log doesn’t provide the final path unless first time add folder to farming

2021-05-07T04:17:49.335  chia.plotting.create_plots       : e[32mINFO    e[0m Creating 1 plots of size 32, pool public key:  farmer public key: [0m
2021-05-07T04:17:49.344  chia.plotting.create_plots       : e[32mINFO    e[0m Memo: e[0m
2021-05-07T04:17:49.345  chia.plotting.create_plots       : e[32mINFO    e[0m Starting plot 1/1e[0m
Starting plotting progress into temporary dirs: F:\NVME-PLOT and F:\NVME-PLOT
Plot size is: 32
Buffer size is: 3500MiB
Using 128 buckets
Using 4 threads of stripe size 65536

Name your plotting process the settings you use.

I use 4T 4000 50M or whatever to remind me that the process is using 4 threads 4000 memory and a 50 min delay.