Is there a way to get the Farm info screen with 0 plots?

I suspect the answer is no, but I figured I’d give it a shot here.

I set up a dedicated VM for my farm / full node tonight and since it has 0 plots the “Farm” tab won’t show me the real time list of plots passing the filter on each node. I can tail the logs on each individual machine, but I really liked having the overview in the GUI. Is there any way to get that back without adding a plot somehow? I don’t want to add a 100GB plot to my VM and mapping a single plot via the network is a pain.

It’s too bad the GUI doesn’t take plots from all harvesters into account. It would make it much nicer to see what’s going on which is a bit tough at the moment. I find myself parsing a lot of logs trying to make sure I have everything running correctly.

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Could you trick it by creating a zero KB file with the exact name or is it smarter than that?

I have the exact same issue with my harvesters, I always have a screen open with all the logs tailing. Might be a good idea to look into writing a nice GUI that connects to the various Chia APIs to grab some data and displays it neatly. Thanks for the idea =]

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I wasn’t able to make a totally fake plot, but it’s still possible to create a K-25 which did the trick.

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