Is there an open source plotting platform for buying plots?

Is there a system someone created that allows farmers and plotters to pair up, so that the plotters can plot and the farmers can download the plots from the plotters?

I’m imagining somewhat of a plot marketplace, but notably different than eBay or something. Ideally the system would help facilitate the data transfer (which is actually a substantial challenge with the size of hundreds of plots) and exchange of keys, as well as automatic plot scheduling and deletion.

I know there are tons of plotting-as-a-service sites, but I’m wondering if any of those sites have open-sourced their platform or turned it into a multi-plotter system that scales through a free market.

Space pool was working on a plotting marketplace but it seems like they haven’t followed up on it. There are services online that will let you order plots for a fee.

You will need good bandwidth to do that.

I wonder if @spacepool could shine some light on the progress of this project. Seems like it could be extremely valuable to the community, and potentially really drive down the cost of plotting