Is there any asset exchange for Chia like with Signa?


A few years ago, I ran an asset for Burst where I could easily pay people who bought it. It’s it there anything similar for Chia with the cats?

I’m thinking about create an asset for my farm and pay monthly interest.

Example on the signa website:

I want to run a business. I issue an asset (let’s call it ABCD). I set the quantity to 1000. I announce that I will sell ABCD for 20 Signa each and pay 5 Signa of monthly interest within the next six months. I create an ask order — 1000 ABCD for 20,000 Signa.

You create a transaction that sends me 500 Signa for 25 ABCD. It’s up to you what you do with your 25 ABCD. You could place an ask order and sell them for 27 Signa realizing a profit. Regardless, each month I will check the blockchain to see who owns ABCD. I will send each current owner 5 Signa for each ABCD that they hold.

What’s happen when you dont have more signa to distribute? What is the value of signa? Its like you are the central bank and you are distributing inflation :smiley:

Can someone here answer if this would be possible in the current state of chia? Just interested if it is technically possible. Not endorsing the Idea.

Is this a question that could be answered with … SURE ITS SMART MONEY
Would the answer be something along the lines of … NOT YET FEATURE XYZ IS STILL MISSING

I ask because some Elements of the og question seem to need features that will come with the upcoming NFT standard - but total noob on chialisp here.

I didn’t get a reply, so I think isn’t possible in Chia.

Your asking about smart contracts… chia lisp.
We have them, you can program one or hire a coder.
In fact, your not, a smart contract would automate payments making it easier and less hands on work for you.
Youd just need to sell cats representing shares in the farm.

Of slightly greater significance to my mind, your talking about selling a security.
Not sure where your based, but if in the usa, or selling to anyone in the usa you’d need to register it with the sec to remain legal.

A whole lot of hassle ( to my mind ) considering ppl with sense dont buy mining contracts.

There is a market for selling cats which is what you’d need to create as the shares. So there is a market for selling them.

Id just advise checking legality / hoops to jump through in order to be legal before seriously considering doing this.

It doesn’t matter, I stopped mining, thank you.

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You mean Farming… :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: