Is there any chance to win for a small farmer?

Hey guys,
I guess I was late to the game here and only started plotting a month ago or so. Currently have 880 plots and it shows 1 month to win. However, so far haven’t won anything and the space is growing exponentially. I have about 350TB of hard drive space and it would take another few months to fill them.

At this point I am wondering if it is still worth it? I spent about $20K on all the rigs, hard drives and ssd drives. What are my options at this point? I hate feeling defeated but it might wise to admit a defeat and cut my losses by selling off the hard drives, etc, while they are still in demand. Or should I delete all my plots and just join a pool when they become available.

Any suggestion, insights highly appreciated! Thank you!

Harry Plotter

I mean 20k in the hole and 1 month to win? Based on current network growth, and assuming you fill up those 350TB of drives, it seems like it might take around 2.5 years to breakeven.

So yeah selling off those hard drives may be worth it now. Especially since it seems like it will take many more months to plot the full 350TB.


You’re asking the wrong people. Ask yourself. You sound like you have new venture regret, that is, a version of buyers remorse. With a months or so experience under your belt, do you love it or is it a just a pain? Admit that and you’ll know whether to cut your losses or forge ahead. There’s no shame or regret choosing either.

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Yes, I won 2 XCH with 26 plots 2 weeks ago. Stop plotting and wait for pools.

@leadfarmer That’s exactly my thoughts that I might not even break even in a year or so. So need to think of a plan B.

@Fuzeguy Yeah, agree, I jumped in all excited but my enthusiasm since has dampened especially looking at how fast the network grows and my chances diminishing every day. I’ll probably continue doing it for a little while but might not plug in new hard drives, etc. Well, a lot to think about.

@PastaWhiskey Happy for you, my friend. I do see some errors in my logs so working on fixing that although it does always say that my farm is synced. So maybe there is still a chance.

Thanks, guys, for weighing in.