Is there any command that checks all plots from Different Chia versions?

.\chia plots check only checks for current version and default drives.

Is there any command that checks for all previous versions to check whether plots are valid.

Why do you care about other versions? You could install older versions from the repo and run plot check with the older code, but why?

If you want to check all your plots you’ll just need to configure the plot folders in the config.yml

Hi Lucki, i only have config.
I cannot locate config.yaml
How do i access config.yaml? Which sub folder is it under. Currently on 1.1.7
I read that we must add in the drive name in config.yaml.
Can u give a brief description on how to do it?
So that others like me who experience this can have a solution.
Also, recently when i did a .\chia plots check. It says all my plots are invalid yet they are farming,
Anyone have this same issue? I have accidentally deleted 153 plots thinking they might be corrupted currently using easeUS recovery to recover the deleted plots.

chia plots check -g filename.plot

Without the -g, chia will not understand the argument you are supplying (will not understand the name of the plot).

chia plots check -h

The -h will show you what the valid arguments are after “check”.

I have multiple external drives. From. F,G,H,I,J,K
It only auto detects Drive J n K.
I tried adding add -d F:\ n folder name but doesnt work


chia plots show

To see the directories that are being searched.
You can add directories with chia plots add -d dirname

 chia plots show
    Directories where plots are being searched for:
    Note that subdirectories must be added manually
    Add with 'chia plots add -d [dir]' and remove with 'chia plots remove -d [dir]' Scan and check plots with 'chia plots check'