Is there any new progress on bladebit cuda and compression?

Harold’s not hiding. He’s on Keybase where he is supposed to be. We are now on Alpha3. Beta coming soon.


Are you using Windows or Linux with Alpha3, I used windows version and was able to make some compressed plots. Now just have to wait for the farmer SW. And Harold monitors many places.

I am waiting to do compressed plotting until the official release. At that time I will be changing up my farmer/harvester hardware so I can re-plot using maximum compression.

I only use Linux for plotting. I do not like Windows – it’s too slow.


Also waiting for official release… have super powerful servers 128 cores with 2TB memory, can do plot in 8min in conventional approach BB 1.2.4

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Of course he isn’t, but most people here are just trolling themselves towards intellectual insolvency :smiley:


Could someone please confirm if we can farm these plots created on BB Cuda Plotter immediately? I’m sure that I read some where that if they’re not compressed then you can farm them straight away?

Only on Linux! Windows version has a bug that makes the plots invalid.
I have 2*18tb uncompressed plots farming on chia 1.7. all made with bb alpha 3

Farming compressed plots is also possible, but you have to build the latest dev branche yourself

Thanks Voodoo. I’ve just added one to 1.7 (Win10) and it’s not complaining so far… We shall see. Waiting for the official Chia compressed plotting software is exhausting :sweat:.

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Yeah for farming win/linux doesnt matter.

But some windows plotters give invalid plots.

So might want to check them with chia plots check command just to be sure