Is there guide for ANY pool how to join it? I dont care of replotting

Windows 10. I have 6 plots but have 12TB space more and since i didnt find any coin i would prefer to re-plot than sit and wait.

Found a few pools but no cleaer easy info how to join. Anyone can help? Im sure im not the only one looking for pools.

Current pools are not done safely. You should wait until Chia Networks releases the pooling protocols in the next month, then you can make plots that can be moved between pools of your choosing if something happens to the pool.
Currents pools don’t have any guarantee on-chain, purely trusting their word for it they wont run off with the XCH.

Pooling won’t officially be supported until late May or June.

My friend and I are building if you’d like to join the waitlist. I know the devs plan to release more info in the coming weeks.

Haha funny name, I’ve added this to Farming Pools - ChiaLinks - Chia Cryptocurrency Resources

I understand yet if i didnt harvest anytrhing its better for me to risk 0 vs making something right now