Is there like a DNS for Pool addresses?

I was wondering if there is something similar to DNS for Pool addresses so that you can see what Pool an address relates to?

If I use Chia Explorer and look at the ‘Top Pools’ option this is what it shows.

If I click on the Rank 1 pool address, then this is what it shows me… which tells me nothing at all quite frankly. I was hoping it would tell me the name of that Pool.

So is there a way to find out what Pool that address relates to?

are you looking for a list of Pools like this?`

It will be hard to find out which address relates to which pool as one pool might have thousands or even millions of addresses…

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thanks for the reply, no it is not just a list of pools that I am looking for, I’m wondering how or even it is possible to find what pool an address relates to. Even if a pool has millions of addresses should there not be some way to track back those addresses to that pool.

I maybe understand so little here that I don’t even know how to frame the question. Just trying to learn some stuff about Chia.

Afaik, no exchanges for any crypto publish all their addresses.
Some get known from repeated use, but i think your asking / expecting the impossible.

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thanks for that, I’ll continue to teach myself until I get a better understanding of how it all works.

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this site has a few of them listed:

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