Is this true? 18 plots in 5 hours?

Hi all,
I was reading up on people’s rigs and came across a spreadsheet possibly on the chia site, with the following row:
Asus PRIME X570-PRO AMD Ryzen 5900x w/ NZXT K53 AIO 128GB DDR4 2666MHz (4x32GB) 4x 2TB m.2 Inland Platinum (Asus Hyper m.2 v4 pcie x16)

Total Time per Plot (s): 17,790.30
Time (min): 296.5
Time (hr): 4.94
GiB Written: 101.33
GiB/min: 0.3418
// Plots: 18
TiB/day (all // Plots) : 8.65

How is this possible? 18 plots in 5 hours???
Is this some sort of mistake?
Can anyone shed some light on this please? Blueoxx???

Not possible with only four drives.

Anyone can post anything on the internet, and especially in the crypto space you should be wary of what you read because there are those who are pushing hidden agendas to swing opinions, waste people’s time or simply cause chaos and confusion, often in an attempt to gain some kind of “advantage”.

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I don’t know where your data comes from, could you link the spreadsheet?

I did look at the google docs spreadsheet linked from the chia wiki (chia plotting performance.xlsx - Google Sheets). The closest system to the specs you give is from @toddsby and the remark “1 hr 30 min stagger” makes me suspicious of actual performance. If the time between starting each plot is 1 hr 30min and time per plot is just under 9 hours you’re not running 18 in parallel. By the time the first plot is finished you have only started 9/1.5 = 6 additional plots. So only running 6 parallel.

This is the spreadsheet chia plotting performance.xlsx - Google Sheets

The system in question is by user @toddsby.
On May 3rd when I downloaded it, the information on this user’s system was as mentioned in my initial post.
I just checked it now and the numbers have been changed from 8.65TB/day to 4.76TB/day.
So closer to 48 plots per day instead of 86 plots per day.
That sounds closer to the truth.
Obviously the user made a mistake and corrected it.

In any case, 50 plots per day should be an achievable target for this system right?
If you have exceeded the 50 plots/day mark, please post your plotting strategy/settings…I have a similar system and would like to improve.

The more I look at that spreadsheet the more nonsense I see.
Top slot has 2x Epyc 7742 with a system price of $11k. The list price of just the CPU is $8k … each.
Cheapest on Ebay is $5k each.

Also, in the latest spreadsheet I see this system making 78 plots per day… is this possible?
@toy Ubuntu 21.04 MSI B550 Unify Ryzen 5900x /Noctua NH-D15 39473 128GB DDR4 @ 3600 4x 2TB NVME mp510

Keep in mind that the current vanilla client seems to leave many optimizations on the table that could drastically improve plotting troughput

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This is the one thing i keep seeing over and over again. Most people don’t realize how much performance is tied to optimization/potential configuration mistakes.

Thanks @Yae & @SlothtechTV - I guess you are saying that 78 plots per day is possible on that system.
I do not know how to say this … How do you think he may have achieved this performance then ?
how would YOU achieve this? have you achieved this?
Thanks again for helping out.

Maybe if there where 32 hours in a day?

Sorry I’m just calling bs on some of these numbers.
Plenty of people here on the forum with ryzen 5900x. People who have been at this a while, know their hardware stuff, know linux etc. They are popping the champagne when they hit a stable 50 a day.

Unless you somehow make some changes to the actual plotting process itself or whatever I just don’t see that happening.
Or win the bonus price in the silicon lottery maybe but…

I’ve I’m wrong, then so be it and I’d love to hear how they do it
Or it could just be another typing error and should say 58

  • Suspendable plotting
  • Stage gate plotting progression
  • Stage aware Resource consumption modeling
  • Learning optimizer
  • Chia optimized OS distro/ near bare metal
  • Process profiling and optimization
  • algorithmic improvements
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Yeah but that was when plots in K-29 or something, he was not talking about K-32.
Before the mainnet, on the testnet.

EDIT: I was misunderstanding what was said above… I haven’t personally tested a 5900x, but it is QUITE a bit faster than the systems below… I could see how (performance wise) it might be capable of such a thing… though i haven’t tested it so i can’t verify that claim… below is the config with a much slower CPU that gets 40 plots per day:

How to get 40 plots per day:
Option 1:
1x 2699 v3 18 cores 36 threads
64GB DDR3 ECC (probably could do it with even less)
12x HGST 400G SAS SSD (enterprise ssds) - used to cost $70 a drive…
LSI HBA - 1x 16e preferred or 2x 8i SAS HBAs (Most any decent HBA will do, but find one with TRIM support)
3x SFF-8XXX to SAS Breakout cables (Dependent on the HBA you go with)
3x 4 drive Raid 0 arrays. (/dev/md0 /dev/md1 /dev/md2)
4 plots phase 1, 60 minute stagger, 8 total - per raid array, max global plots: 20, 2 cores, 3390MB RAM
**20 plots finish per 8-9 hours - 40+ plots per 24 hours **

Option 2:
1x 2699 v3 18 cores 36 threads
64GB DDR3 ECC (probably could do it with even less)
3x 2TB NVMe drives
3x 2TB nvme drives (/dev/nvme0n1 /dev/nvme1n1 /dev/nvme2n1)
4 plots phase 1, 60 minute stagger, 8 total - per NVMe drive, max global plots: 20, 2 cores, 3390MB RAM
**20 plots finish per 8 hours - 40+ plots per 24 hours **


If you finish 20 plots every 8 hours, doesn’t that add up to 60? :thinking:

That is why i said 40+ if they all finished in 8 hours… but it probably would average out closer to forty something… That configuration i described would push that cpu to its limits… while its possible it hits 45 it probably wouldn’t go much higher before interrupts slowed things down to 10 hour plots.

I know this because i literally am doing this on my machines right now. Thus the 40 plots per day video.

I honestly think there is still room to improve what I’m talking about with these systems – I have been pretty happy with the results so I haven’t been messing with it or tuning it further… there’s nothing worse than ruining your 40 plots that took 8 hours, pushing the system a bit too much and having to start over the next day after finding they all hung… or froze… or filled up temp space.

I’m not going to make claims of 60 plots because I haven’t actually ever gotten 60 out of these systems… While I think its absolutely wrong to advertise performance numbers you cant actually obtain i dont think it makes sense to argue with someone about what they are getting unless you have that system or at the very least you have some kind of data to back up your “thats bs” claim.

I’m probably a bit defensive because it seems like everyone wants to play armchair quarterback and debate how fast certain systems are without ever having run them. Usually these same people have very little knowledge in the way of performance tuning … Just second hand information and that is not helpful to anyone.

haha I know how you feel. At some point you just have to declare victory

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Sorry for coming off all defensive… I’ve been spending SO many hours trying to help folks who have poorly set up rigs posting all over the place that “that video slothtech put out is bs it cant do 40 plots per day i can barely do 3!!” … i must have invested 100 hours this last week writing, chatting and helping folks… Its starting to wear me down and im about to just throw in the towel :frowning:

No I understand, I was just referring to the some of the number on that speadsheet that was mentioned about the ryzen 5900x build, just because there’s so much comparison material here from other people.

I have no trouble believing your Xeon 2699 rigs can get 40+ a day.

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Yeah i have seen some pretty outrageous claims too… i try to bite my tongue but sometimes i want to say something… Its probably an equal disservice to get peoples hopes up and then they waste a ton of money on a system… I wish there was better information about some of this stuff out there.