Is wallet automatically synchronized, or do you have to enter your key?

but the wallet is automatically synchronized or do you have to enter your key in the config file?

It’s automatic. I’m assuming you aren’t moving to a new machine.

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no, plotto su una macchina e trasferisco nella principale, quello che non capisco se i premi mi arrivano o no, parlo di wallet se il codice wallet che ho registrato devo inserire nel file config ho ricevo premi in automatico senza inserire la chiave

On the main machine you do not need to add a wallet address. It should already be there when you initially set up Chia.

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a ok
a ok perfect thank you !, I have been tormenting myself with this question for days hahaha, I have not yet seen any awards or accrued earnings and I am worrying that I am not receiving anything, is there a way to do a test to see if everything works?

Earning will be rarely. Use to get estimates based on how many plots you have. Good luck!

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yes, the estimate made but I do not see anything in my wallet, I think that gradually something should be seen or am I wrong? here is the graph I made