Is XCH dying, XCH price is $135 now

The current price is $135, still worth in running nodes and HDDs on it?

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No, you should just give up. Sorry (…quietly adding plots).


The cost of electricity to run one drive is about $1-2 per month. So, why would you shut down your farm? Let’s say that your average win is one XCH per year. That would imply that even if XCH will go down to $30, you can still get one/two beers. So, why not run those drives to the ground?

On the other hand, if you are thinking about purchasing new drives, I think that it doesn’t make much sense. With ~$135 price, any $20/TB drive will be covered in about 2 years. If you think about purchasing those USB drives with 2 years warranty, that may imply that there is a big chance that those drives will not last much longer than such warranty. At least to me, that means that buying XCH at that price is rather a no-hassle alternative.


Yes it’s dying, you should stop farming. I will buy your drives for my farm, pm me.

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too late, sold already. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Bye bye :rofl:

By the same token, BTC was dead 10 years ago too.

It is actually better for the Chia community when the ‘FOMO’ ‘Lambo’ people depart anyway.

Also more XCH for me :laughing:


I suggest you try Dodgecoin, it just doesn’t die no matter how they try. The price is great. While we’re at it, try Shiba. People are flocking there like crazy. Why not join the fun there since you don’t have fun with Chia’s price anymore.


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If the price per XCH will drop even more it will be cheaper to buy coins instead of farming…


When you are keeping your farm working you can also farm some Chia forks. Forks netspace is not that big like Chia. It is easier to earn much more coins. Who know how much they will be worth in the future. Today Chives farming is much more profitable than farming Chia :wink:


Farming is a hobby and lots of fun. Buying coins and is boring :wink:


yeah … aha… thats right … :nauseated_face:

Buying? Farming? Why choose?


XCH is obviously dead. Current Ups and Downs are just a coffin dance… Buy GPUs and farm ETH.

Thanks for your opinion. Could you explain it bit more? Why are you thinking that Chia is dead project?

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Probably because it’s been 7 months now and he still doesn’t have a lambo.


To be 100% honest… I also still doesn’t have my lambo :wink:

Does it means that Chia project is dead ?

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I’d be willing to bet that it’s at least a little bit more than that

An average HD draws 6-8W in an active state (writing/reading). Let’s say it is 10W
10W * 24 h = 240 Wh / day
300 Wh * 30 days = 9,000 Wh / month = 9 kW / month
10 kW * $0.1-0.4 = $1 - $4 per month
Not sure, whether I should bet on my math, though.


Your adding looks good but you lose points for getting your units correct. tres uncool dude
:smiley: there was another thread about this, so only joking!

i just buy from the exchange n hold… who knows… if the price goes up… sell it off… :yawning_face: