Is xchpool reliable?

Is there any complaint about xch pool? I want to evaluate whether is reliable or not. Thanks for the answers.

Is there any stat not provided in this pool? As I have not joined yet I can not see the launcher page.

Maybe in addition to asking people for some feedback you can say what stats would you like to have them on their website (to help you decide), and have them address it. My take is that if a given pool is not providing stats that we farmers need, it is not worth to be considered to join them.

For instance, I would like to see a chart that shows how much 10TB earn per day over time. The fact that they show the price of XCH over time is rather worthless from my point of view, and just clutters their web page.

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I do not know anything about XCH. I started with Maxi and it imploded. I was then with True and the luck was not good and I have since then been on space. I can say I have zero invalid partials with Space and they pay every day as they win dozens of blocks a day. Their GUI’s are also pretty informative as is their content. So far, no complaints.

They seem fine from what I’ve seen and heard.


I went through a similar process as you did. From Maxi, to Space, To True to Flex Pool. Actually, I think that I literally caused that recent bad luck for True. I joined True just few hours after the last block on Sep 1st, as such I delayed the next block for 3 days, the next block for 6 days, and couldn’t bear the bad luck I brought to them, so I switched to Flex :wink: About 5-10 mins after I switched, True got another block, and I hope they will continue as normal for now. Taking about bad luck.

Apparently, we are not so much averse to statistical results, but rather to time that we need to endure those results (i.e., what for True was 6 days is for Space about 6days/500 - minutes; therefore, we don’t notice that, but the same win delays are happening in both; although, those few minutes for Space is just a fraction of daily earnings). That said, a 25 PB pool will go over 6x delay (rather big one) in about a day, so even for those with short fuses it may be OK.

Same as @ksevin I am tracking both Space and True pools for a month plus (with 100+ plots each). It is hard to admit (not understanding the reason for that), but I also see a 10+% difference during that month in favor of Flex (maybe I am not reading the data right, though). I have no explanation for that. Although, the time/win scales are different (250 PB vs 3.3 EB - basically 10x win scale difference, as such Space is more likely faster converging on the average).

I do like both Flex and Space websites, but would rather see them changed, so the “essential” data at the top would be expanded, and some more drill down data was on those additional pages. I don’t want to drill into those various pages every time I am on their website just to check vitals (my OCD is part of that). I find those large fonts info blocks really bad as they eat a lot of space. Maybe the problem is that I don’t use phone/app to check those pages, and clearly they are not designed with a desktop browser in mind. I also give credit to those pools that are present on this forum, and actually help people (don’t see Space doing it, though).

My main reason to not go with Space is that it is becoming a behemoth that will basically finish off all the competition, and after that whatever they say we will need to go with. I don’t think that they offer anything more that other pools do, plus depending on your resistance to bad luck, I would consider anything around 10-20 PB.

So, my take is to create two/three extra NFTs with just few plots to track pools that are of interest. The more of us will do that, the more data points we will have to compare.

Its around 15% for the past two weeks on average. You are reading it right. We built a superior product that leads to much increased profits. Even people coming from solo to us notice a large increase.

I track those two pools for over a month, so that is for that time period. Also, my Space test NFT was created a day+ earlier, so the difference should be on rather high end of 10+%

You know me, I like data. If you walk that talk, you have my attention, otherwise it is just a talk. At the end of the day, all pools should have the same rate (over longer time/win periods). The fact that you put a lot of work in your pool is commendable, and it for sure improves the health of your pool. However, averages are just averages.

That being said, knowing that you do care about your pool, and keep improving it (as such potentially deviating less from the average comparing to simple copy cat pools), being on this forum and helping people out made me to switch to Flex pool (but it took me some time, though :slight_smile:

By the way, Chia should post daily / weekly / monthly / yearly averages for the total network. That would be a good yardstick to compare other pools to. I would rather prefer to check that number in the pool section of Chia UI, then start getting, dividing, … numbers daily, and arguing with people who made a better division.

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I have been in xchpool for almost a month now, after leaving ecochia liers. Numbers seems correct… discord support is great, they hear users suggestions for website changes…

We thought so too :smiley: We didn’t expect there to be such a large difference in profits. Our best guess is that we are missing less signage points due to an improved farmer+layers on our node and we have less stales due to our website making stales very clear so people can fix them plus an improved farmer.

There’s 4608 blocks a day so you just need to take total network and pool size to find approximately how well they should be doing daily.

MPS currently measures 36.47 EiB, Space measures 36.56, XCHPool 36.45, while we currently measure 37.81. Going to go with 36.5 and say that for every 100 PiB pools should find 12.6 blocks a day. So at 246 we should find 31 blocks a day while space should find 420 and xch should find 48 (note that I rounded the numbers).

Then make the “Stales” box next to “Estimated Earnings” and make it red when those stales are detected. As mentioned before, I had to drill down to find that info. I really would like to not just know that I have such problems, but also have a link to a FAQ that would have steps to potentially address those things.

I know the math. My point was that instead of many farmers doing those calculations, just one engineer at Chia should make Chia UI to have that info in the pool section, so all people would be on the same page. It is just lame to push common tasks to end-users. Also, that chart combined with Flex results could be nice addition to your website. I assume that you already have all the data / framework needed to support that, as otherwise you would be just flying blind, and I don’t think that you are doing that (flying blind).

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xchpool (and i’m sure also mps and spacepool) just grabs the network space from te chia fullnode which is te ONLY correct number if you’d ask me

so I really don’t know what flex is doing with their math … this looks like artificially improving luck numbers by self-determining chia netspace (and what more they self-calculate to make it all look better than it actually is)

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Well I’ve been farming in all three (and more) and still am … and my results are that payouts with flexpool and xchpool are virtually the same over longer periods and spacepool is performing worse here

so if you’d ask me it’s just spacepool underperforming here and not some flexpool ‘superior product’ … flexpool performs fine let that be clear. but definitely not better than all the others

all these posts about flexpools superiority and their impossible luck numbers, is starting to irritate me I must say

also this just came out:


What a laughable pile of bs!! :rofl:
+15% lucky lately, that’s all. Your “superior” product doesn’t farm blocks, the farmer does.

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Uhm, are you doing some maintenance of your changes lately? Looks like FlexPool is one day away of being beaten by HPool (that consistently underperforms). SpacePool is ahead for more than a week now.

Or you just didn’t understand the luck part and started bragging when you had a good strike?

Yep had a few bad luck days, definitely dramatic timing! Still way ahead for the past 7 days, past 14 days, and past 21 days! Plus the NFT’s we’re giving away are likely going to be worth a lot more than a few days of farming.

Highly speculative, personally I doubt it, but a fool and their money are easily parted.

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I agree with @Bones. For the past 7 days, way behind Space Pool. But, Flex is my pool for now.

Overall, Flex changes may improve pool’s health (and thus may improve a bit stats), but luck is luck, and bragging when you are up is just a bad practice, as right now you are just badly beaten.

Also, those NFT’s are strawman case with respect to this topic.

Are we? Others who are running 1 rig on each said we’re ahead. Just did the math we’ve gotten 231 blocks in 7 days so we’ve averaged 33 a day and we’re supposed to find 29-31 (7 days ago it was 29 now its 31) to be at 100% luck.