ISP with Private IP - connecting peers

Hi All, My ISP is converting my ipv4 to private IP address, I am worried if chia are not working properly under private IP address environment, I wonder if any chia farmers are currently using private IP address and have not issue connecting peers?

First, are you sure that your router’s external IP is private? Do you have access to that info on your router? For most cases, you can dump that router, and get your own modem and router, and you are good to go (if that is not a double NAT, where the external NAT is outside of your home). Sometimes, if you have a limited access to your router, you still may be able to set it in a bridge mode (if the external IP is public), and add your own router behind it.

If it is a double NAT with the external one outside of your home (your external IP is private), you have zero control over that external one. Therefore, you neither can reach it with UPnP, nor manually change it. You will need to get a VPN in such case. Although, if you need to pay for VPN, maybe a different ISP is a better choice.

I am behind NAT myself and have no issues with it. What it means is you cannot accept connections from other computers (they can’t initiate the connection) but you can connect to them.
If you look at the “Full Node” section in the GUI there should be a section called Connections at the bottom of that page. If everything is alright you probably have 8 connections to other Full Nodes. If the “MiB Up/Down” is larger than 0 for those it shows you can receive/send data to those peers.

Thank for all the advice, my ISP converted the private IP address yesterday, my full node are still working at the moments, as long as i can connect to other peers should be not problem at all. Farming continued otherwise i have no other option to buy VPN services, that my thought.
I only have the access to my router and modem to enable the port but not the ISP router.
Anyway, it’s concluded - Chia full node still working behind double NAT/private IP address. however it still depending on the ISP configurations.

Yes, that my thought, just not sure if the Chia full node will initiate the connection to other peers, it just weird to ask around if dev is not around for such technical questions. :slight_smile:

Manual connecting to other peer are available in chia UI, but i am not going to provide the IP aaddress every time my full node reboot :stuck_out_tongue:

It works fine behind NAT. My machine has never had a dedicated IP.

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