I Believe we Will get significant Discount if we Combine Resources.
Might be interested ? Don’t hesitate To let us Know :money_mouth_face:

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Dan are you okay man?


no i am not ok, nothing is being done to push forward. people should abuse every thing abusable
group buying and bot spammers are good money invests

bot spammers as in scalping bots?

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way smarter, for exposure. its good investment every penny goes back through the chain growth . u know what ?! i believe it will be economic to hire office in some low income county and have them sit on all social medias with bunch of users and a super premium subscription to google translate. hard working full of characters 3$ a day idiots that not only make halerius scanerio all over the world , they will actuly fallin love with chia and its money printing capabilitys, thous countrys can fully use low capacity disks. and solar panels

Can we block and ban this user please

For what? ( 20 chrs )

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i undarstand ur point . any way not evryone is smart like u some need to do the mistake before they come to resenable level . any way i will just make new user

If they irritate you, use the ignore function maybe.

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this maybe …

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Honestly my eyes glazed over and I missed it, but exploiting folks for internet scams is not the Chia way. You might have a point.

I dont mind beign ban but let me know one thing befire , am i right to asume ur the guy with the strong laugh?

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As long as we’re all having fun here, a good laugh cures all. And I’m not pushing to kick you out of the group - you had an interesting build started when you joined here and I have enjoyed chatting with ya. Things just get a little heated when we’re off topic (and I admit I’m part of the problem too sometimes) - the OG crew here has $1,000’s invested, been farming 18 months, and are serious about the project.

Calling ppl idiots is not nice but i doubt it breaks forum rules.
The average daily wage in some places is ridculously low ( i watched a documentary where it was $1) so i dont think slave labour was being encouraged, due to it being stated

So i dont really see a bannable offense.

You can always flag a post as inappropriate (three dots under each post). Forum guidelines have a section about posts being civil - FAQ - Chia Forum (Don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or hate speech.).

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