Issues with hard drive mapping Win10

So basically I am having issues with my hard drive mappings once there is a power outage or the computer that is farming. They get messed up and different drives get assigned to different partitions so I get a mess since I have hpool farming with old plots with part of the disks and with other disks I have NFT plots that I am farming on spacepool through Chia client. So is there a way to permanently mount a hard drive to a mounting point on win10? Because I would also like to phisically map drives to their position in rig (example drive 1 mapped to c:\chia_disks\chia_disk_1, drive 2 mapped to c:\chia_disks\chia_disk_2 etc…). All this is working perfectly until a power outage and Windows seems to replace mounting points of couple of disks when the outage occurs, so what happens is that disk 1 gets mounted on the location of disk 50 (c:\chia_disks\chia_disk_50).

Any ideas on how to solve this mess until I manage to fully replot all to NFT?