It was fun while it lasted! Anyone interested in some Chia farming hardware?

Hi All,

I started my Chia experiment in May 2021 and though its been fun I’ve decided to move onto another project.

I currently have the following hardware (with approximately 1850 plots) that i would like to sell. All the equipment was purchased in May/June 2021 and comes with the original boxes/instructions.

If you are interested in any or all of this equipment then please make me an offer. I’m based in the NW region of England but happy to work with any potential buyers on how to ship to other locations.

Many thanks,

1 x Synology DS920+ 4 Bay NAS 4-co

4 x 16TB Sgate IWPro ST16000NE000

5 x Western Digital 24 TB My Book Duo Desktop RAID USB 3.1 External Hard Drive and Auto Backup Software

2 x WD Elements 14TB External Desktop USB3.0 Hard Drive/HDD

How much for the pack of 4x16TB?

Any close up photos of the hardware plus labels of the items up for consideration?

As requested, below are a few images of the hardware.

I placed the external HDDs in an open wooden enclosure to protect them from being accidentally knocked.

The bigger units are the 24TB drives while the smaller ones are the 14TB drives.

In the background is the NAS (with the 4x16TB, which I’ve not photographed as I’m still farming Chia). The view of the NAS is a little obscured by power/USB cables.

All the plots contained on the farm are OG plots.

Let me know if you need any further information.


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Are your HDD still available & at what price?

I love how people decide it’s time to move on after 3 months lol. Put them HDDs up for sale! I’ll buy all of those 3 month old drives! Lol. How much do you want?

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We are all breathlessly waiting… do you still have these?? …and how much? We’d love to make good use of them.

I wanted to buy the 14TB HDDs but they had gone. This was days ago.