ITS HAPPENING! Xch vs crypto market

Anyone els seeing all other crypto crashing miserably. And chias been doing well. If u know anything u know how I mean that.

I just keep getting notifications chia up 5%

And all other cryptos are down.

Thies are the trends iv Ben waiting to see

We’re all gonna be rich one day!
How very exciting
The rich man’s game

All the people that were not here 2 years ago who fomo

Better make sure your aboard now.
Cause we about to set sail.

Rant with excitment!!


Definitely true, XCH has performed very well compared to most of the market this week.

That said, it had gone down more before that so bit less room to go down more :sweat_smile:

But still, it is very nice to see this week!

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I dont think its going to be FOMO… Netspace is dropping like crazy.

I was very happy to see the recent recovery over $30. I’m hoping that is the beginning of finding a bottom and stabilizing (then climbing). But only time will tell.


Not if you look back more than a couple weeks. Not trying to be negative here, but if you follow the price over time, it has been doing terrible. From its all time high, it is down ~98%. So I can’t say I agree with your assessment that it has been “doing well”.

If it is in fact stabilizing around $30-35, that doesn’t mean it’s going to continue. it will take a lot of market forces to drive the price back up. Grab some good books, headphones, and a pillow, cause we’re gonna be in for a long ride. I’m not expecting to see any action for at least 18 months from now.

Time will tell!


That’s just funny and stupid. XCH was $260 less than a year ago…


So we can have cracked crab and lobster???

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Don’t hold your breath …

If XCH managed to start increasing in value then net-space would just start going up again until farming becomes unprofitable again.

The peeps who farmed early and even before the public and sold their XCH for $1200-1600 made a great buck. I started farming when XCH stood at $1260. It took me about a month to realize that network growth was pushing ROI ever further into the future. I got out when XCH was just over $100. At this point, farmers do not make a reasonable return even though network growth has stopped and even declined a little. At $30/XCH you are losing money farming.

In the long run, I feel most public/private crypto will implode and/or be regulated out of existence in favor of Government and Bank controlled CBDCs. Neither POW or POST (or any CBDCs I have heard off) provide a reasonable energy cost per transaction or the framework to allow for many transactions like VISA or MC. This limits crypto to a smaller number of large transactions.

The only real value of crypto is to the miners/farmers. If Bitcoin drops back to $10,000 there is little point in maintaining a bitcoin mine unless you have free electricity or enjoy hemorrhaging money. Chia dropped below farming profitability long ago…

IMOP, cut your losses and move on to a better project.

Be well.


Unfortunately, no meaningful gains till Bitcoin makes it move higher. I second the comment about grabbing a few favorite books idea, a cold one, and enjoy the ling summer days.

There’s always the first USA approved ETF but until then, onward and just staying afloat thru this bear stock market/crypto winter at a more slower but steady mini data center / home lab expansion pace. IMO

This is all about yield. The value of XCH is meaningless, somewhat. I’m fine with price now if it means dropping net space. I want better yield. If you believe in Chia then it’s about yield. You won’t get better yield with a higher value. So low value to me is a win. People dropping out. Perfect. Those dropping out are not a reflection of the team and goals of Chia. I’m not yielding for tomorrow. Down the road payoff. It might take some time. If it doesn’t take off? My hardware is sellable. Hydro costs? Part of the overhead. Like ETH, those who mined at break even or even a loss had big yields. They cashed out big time. Why? Because ETH value tanked and people dropped like flies. Either you believe in Chia or you don’t. A pleasant goodbye to as many farmers as possible. When they try to get back into it when value increases? More expensive hardware and less yield. Bad choices.


Any idea when Chia will be $10,000?

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All I can say about Chia on June 17, 2022, this is about the first real time that I’ve seen the value bucking the trend. Being stable and even an uptick and value amidst BTC and ETH dropping is actually quite a feat. Sure it’s low in comparison to before. Either you believe in Chia or you don’t. If you jumped into this because of the value of XCH last year or mid-last year? Chia is going the legitimate way. Not running from oversight. They want to be a legitimate crypto currency and blockchain that is…POW. That is a big deal these days.

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Its awesome. Very happy

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Chia is up 35% in the past hour. Other cryptos continuing downwards…

I’m at least ordering the lobster to have ready :hugs:

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Everyone sell their PCs and HDDs and buy XCH!!!

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Tbh. Im a firm believer it will have a life similar to bitcoins ages and peaks lows. The natural swing of the chain I think. A crypto has to be around for a while before it’s taken seriously look at all the fakers out there… chia is being vetted af. And it’s clear now it is doing somthing very different according to the rest of the market… Give it 10 years.jump to 50k within a week.
We all going to Disneyland. Just like bitcoin

Great to see it stabilising and even rising slightly.

at a price of $30 per coin it would have been a 42 year ROI :sweat_smile:.

Now at 46, like wtf?

I hope this is more than a test for volatility by some bored rich kid. Looking at U Elons!

Works for me, let it keep going up.

Ya if chia goes belly up I’ll look like a real crazy person. So we poppin bottles just a couple more years.

Roi was shot first week of main net. Poof.

But if ur a believer like most of us still here….
Chia was a phenomenal investment and I couldnt be more proud. Bottom line if chia where to jump like bitcoin…

talkin lambos all around.